Classified Trial Service

  • Trial service (probationary period) is an extension of the selection process and, as such, provides an opportunity to assess whether an employee's performance warrants regular status. Trial service is six (6) full months for employees at .50 FTE or greater and nine (9) months for part-time employees at less than .50 FTE. The trial service period for all employees may be extended up to three (3) months by mutual agreement between the local Union president and the University. GCIU employees serve a 12 month trial service period. SEIU employees also serve a promotional trial service period after promoting into a position in a higher salary range; this period is 6 months for full-time employees and 1040 hours for part-time. There is no trial service period for employees who transfer from UO or OUS positions in the same salary range or demote from a higher salary range.
  • Employees may be removed from trial service when the employee is unable or unwilling to perform satisfactorily. This action may only be taken by the Appointing Authority.
  • Supervisor responsibility Supervisors should give frequent feedback to new employees about performance. It is the University's expectation that supervisors will take a progressive approach in their attempt to correct less than satisfactory performance. Contact for assistance with this process.
  • Trial service may be extended in instances where a trial service employee has been on cumulative leave without pay 15 days or more and then only by the number of days they were on leave.
  • When in the judgment of the university Appointing Authority performance has been adequate to clearly demonstrate the competence and fitness of the trial service employee, the university Appointing Authority may at any time appoint the employee to regular status.

SEIU Trial Service Article 34