Minors on Campus

The University of Oregon is committed to ensuring a safe and supportive environment exists for all staff, students and visitors to the campus. The university strives to conduct its operations and maintain its facilities in a manner consistent with its mission as a comprehensive public research university. 

The university provides and accommodates many programs for children and youth as part of and related to its academic programs and is dedicated to providing a safe environment for participants in university- affiliated programs and activities.  Faculty, staff, students, student employees, graduate teaching fellows, and volunteers are expected to hold themselves to the highest standards of conduct when interacting with minors. The university recognizes both its institutional and legal obligations to ensure the safety and wellbeing of minor children that are on campus, in university facilities, participating in university –sponsored events, or involved with university affiliated individuals.

The university’s Protection of Minors Policy will be reviewed by the Policy Advisory Committee (PAC) and we expect to share this policy campus-wide in spring 2017.  Below are resources you should review as a Youth Program Administrator responsible for minors on campus:  In addition, here is the link to the Risk Management Resources-Youth Programs created by the Office of Risk Management, outlining resources for hosting minors on campus.

The following resources are managed by the Office of Human Resources:

The following resources are managed by the Office of Risk Management: