Archived Hiring Process: Classified-Make and Offer

Implementation of MyTrack changes UO recruitment processes.  Beginning October 18, all new recruitments should be launched, approved and posted in MyTrack. Visit the MyTrack Support webpage for more information.

The information provide below is for recruitments underway prior to the launch of MyTrack.  It is not applicable for new recruitments launched in MyTrack after October 18.

Make an offer

Submit request to HR

Once your hiring decision is made, complete the Request to Make an Offer form.  Fax or e-mail this form to the Employment Manager to get clearance to make a job offer.  This form documents that you have completed references, and indicates whether the candidate is a current temporary or OUS employee.  You will state the rate of pay you would like to offer.  If you want to start someone higher than the first step, send a written request to the Employment Manager, stating the salary step and the reason for the request.  OUS employees automatically get a one step increase for promotions (movement to a higher salary range) and are not eligible for an increase if they are transferring from a position in the same salary range, or demoting from a higher range.  If you have questions about pay decisions, consult the Employment Manager.

Make offer to selected candidate

Contact selected candidate to extend verbal offer.  Once agreement is reached, notify HR.

Conduct background check

If the position requires a criminal or credit history check, submit the Background Check Permission Form.  HR will notify you when the background check is cleared.  At that time, inform the Employment Specialist of the starting date.  Human Resources will send a confirmation letter to the new hire.