Years of Service Honorees 2022

Congratulations to the following officers of administration and classified employees who have reached major work anniversary milestones! 

These employees have reached an increment of five years of service* (5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, etc.).
*Years of service is determined by employment dates in the university's Banner HRIS system. HR has done its best to identify honorees using employment dates in Banner. If employees have questions about why they are or are not included on the list of honorees, please direct questions to the program contact to resolve the issue.

Finance & Administration

Business Affairs Office

Chad Hartvigsen, Academic Payroll Specialist (25 years) [Mar]
Mark McCulloch, Director of Business Affairs Office Information Systems (25 years) [Jan]
Stuart Mellor, Financial Reporting Manager (15 years) [Mar]

Campus Planning & Facilities Management

Craig Aldrich, Custodian (5 years) [Jan]
Colin Brennan, Owner's Representative (5 years) [Feb]
Becket DeChant, Trades Maintenance Coordinator (5 years) [Feb]
Tiny Dyas, General Mechanic (30 years) [Jan]
Sharon Ginn, Asset Reliability Manager (5 years) [Jan]
Rodney Madison, Trades Maintenance Coordinator (15 years) [Mar]
Gene Mowery, Owner's Representative (15 years) [Jan]
Adam Pettus, Refrigeration Mechanic (5 years) [Feb]
Kenny Ramsdal, Electrician (5 years) [Jan]
Paul Rollins, Carpenter (15 years) [Feb]

Finance & Administration Shared Services

Bill Anderson, Systems Administrator (15 years) [Mar]
Kim Roberts, Mail & Warehouse Logistics Assistant (5 years) [Jan]

Police Department

Scott Clark, Sergeant - Patrol (10 years) [Jan]

Vivian Olum Child Development Center

Carol Terry, Early Childhood Associate Teacher (15 years) [Jan]

General Counsel

Mahnaz Ghaznavi, Records Manager (5 years) [Feb]

Information Services

Chris Bernard, Identity Management Engineer (5 years) [Feb]
Michael Clark, Information Technology Consultant (20 years) [Jan]
Kit Day, Application Platform Administrator (10 years) [Feb]
Tawnie Freeman, Accounting Technician (10 years) [Jan]
Ben Heiken, Enterprise Device Management Lab Administrator (5 years) [Jan]
Andy Kurzhal, Manager User Support Services (15 years) [Mar]
Geoffrey Marcus, Systems Administrator (5 years) [Jan]
Andrew Morgan, Manager of Communications Infrastructure (10 years) [Jan]
Dave Roberts, Operations Systems & Network Analyst 3 (20 years) [Mar]
Tyrone Russ, Buyer 2 (5 years) [Feb]
Matt Shepard, Interim Director of Enterprise Systems (5 years) [Jan]
Jeremy Smith, Information Technology Consultant 2 (10 years) [Mar]

Intercollegiate Athletics


Ken Hoffman, Grounds Maint Worker 2 (15 years) [Jan]
Patrick Neve, Equipment System Specialist (25 years) [Jan]
Chris Norris, Football Quality Control Analyst (5 years) [Feb]
Eric Roedl, Deputy Athletic Director (10 years) [Jan]

Office of the President

Knight Campus

Julie Langenberg, Executive Assistant (5 years) [Jan]
Jodi Myers, Academic Business Coordinator (10 years) [Mar]

Office of the Provost

Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art

Dawn Davey, Security Officer/MOA (20 years) [Mar]

Museum of Natural and Cultural History

Riki Saltzman, Interim Folklore Specialist (10 years) [Mar]

Schools & Colleges

College of Arts & Sciences


Ellen Coughran, Divisional Personnel & Budget Specialist for Humanities (10 years) [Mar]

American English Institute

Glenda Stewart, Student Records Specialist (10 years) [Mar]


Marissa Burden-Dyke, Chemistry Teaching Labs Coordinator (10 years) [Jan]
Hans Engel, Science Lab Preparator (10 years) [Jan]
Nika Jin, Lab Preparator (5 years) [Mar]

Computer and Information Science

Lauradel Collins, Analyst Programmer 2 (30 years) [Feb]

Lundquist College of Business

Patti McVay, Accounting Technician, Fiscal Services (10 years) [Feb]
George Reese, Instructional Designer (5 years) [Mar]
Pauline Thaler, Career Adviser (5 years) [Feb]

College of Design

School of Architecture & Environment

Kim Carson, Administrative Program Specialist (10 years) [Mar]

School of Art & Design

Mika Boyd, Studio Tech Printmaking/Fibers (10 years) [Jan]

College of Education

Global Education Administration

Dane Ramshaw, CTO Global & Online Education (10 years) [Jan]

Center for Equity Promotion

Sandra Epple, Administration & School Data Coordinator (10 years) [Feb]
Betsy Ruth, Bilingual Program Manager (10 years) [Feb]

Oregon Education Science Lab

Cressa Perloff, Project Coordinator ECS (5 years) [Jan]


Jeremy Bryant-Berg, Analyst Programmer 1 (5 years) [Jan]

Early Childhood CARES

Tamera Mason, Early Childhood Assistant (15 years) [Feb]

Graduate School

Chris Jones, Office Specialist 2 (5 years) [Mar]
Hannah Schneider-Lynch, Director of Graduate Admissions & Recruitment (5 years) [Jan]

Clark Honors College

Laurie Notaro, Director of Communications (5 years) [Mar]

School of Law

Barbi McLain, Legal Research & Writing Program Manager (5 years) [Jan]
Clarence Young, Facilities Services Manager (5 years) [Jan]

Student Life

Erb Memorial Union

Sidney Noble, Community Outreach Coordinator (5 years) [Jan]

Physical Education and Recreation

Michael Zennache, Trades Maintenance Worker (5 years) [Feb]

VP Student Life Administration

Kathie Stanley, Associate Vice President & Chief of Staff (35 years) [Feb]

Student Services & Enrollment Management


Joelle Goodwin, Senior Associate Director of Administration (10 years) [Mar]
Adonis Skinner, Regional Admissions Counselor (5 years) [Mar]
Melea Tejedas, Senior Associate Director of Regional Recruitment (5 years) [Mar]

Continuing and Professional Education

Sandra Gladney, Executive Director (25 years) [Mar]

Office of the Registrar

Janel Frank, Student Records Specialist (10 years) [Jan]

Enrollment Management

Shawn Sorenson, Assistant Director, Assessment SSEM Research (5 years) [Feb]

Strategic Communication and Marketing

Travis Worrell, Public Information Representative 2 (5 years) [Mar]

Student Financial Aid & Scholarships

Spencer Smith, Financial Aid Counselor (5 years) [Jan]

University Health Services

Justin Banks, Physical Therapist (5 years) [Mar]
Nancy Cox, Registered Nurse 1 (5 years) [Feb]
Tamara Crafts, Registered Nurse 1 (15 years) [Jan]
Jillian Stoddard, Medical Aide (5 years) [Mar]

University of Housing

Bill Alvarez, Custodian (30 years) [Jan]
Miguel Armendariz-Velazquez, Food Service Worker 2 (10 years) [Jan]
Carmen Colmenares, Food Service Worker 2 (15 years) [Jan]
Rainy Gross, Trade Maintenance Worker 2 (10 years) [Jan]
Maile Hester, Food Service Worker 2 (5 years) [Jan]
Bud Oliver, Food Service Worker 2 (5 years) [Jan]
Ed Valdenegro, Food Service Worker 2 (10 years) [Jan]
Li Yan Wang, Cashier 1 (15 years) [Feb]
Angelica Yellowhorse, Cook 1 (20 years) [Jan]

University Advancement

Robert Dow, Director of Annual Philanthropy (5 years) [Feb]
Becky Kent, Prospect Management Technician (5 years) [Feb]
Teresa Pinkham, Director Facilities & Office Operations (10 years) [Mar]

University Communications

Jennifer Archer, Communication Executive Support Specialist 2 (5 years) [Feb]
Zack Barnett, Senior Director Knight Campus and Strategies (15 years) [Mar]
Matt Cooper, Assistant Director of Communications (10 years) [Feb]
tova stabin, Communications Manager (5 years) [Mar]

UO Libraries

Lydia Harlan, Budget & Receiving Coordinator (10 years) [Mar]
Bing Li, Chinese Cataloger (5 years) [Jan]
Kate Smith, Resource Sharing Manager (10 years) [Mar]