Years of Service Honorees 2021 - October through December

Congratulations to the following officers of administration and classified employees who have reached major work anniversary milestones! 

These employees have reached an increment of five years of service* (5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, etc.) as of December 31, 2020.
*Years of service is determined by employment dates in the university's Banner HRIS system. HR has done its best to identify honorees using employment dates in Banner. If employees have questions about why they are or are not included on the list of honorees, please direct questions to the program contact to resolve the issue.

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25+ Years of Service

Division of Equity & Inclusion

Angeli Brooks, Event Coordinator (5 years)

Finance & Administration

Business Affairs Office

Laurie Jacoby, Travel Manager (10 years)
Joseph Muennich, Application Developer/Site Administration (10 years)
Brian Strait, Training Manager/Banner Analyst (5 years)
Kelly Wolf, AVP Bus Affairs/Controller (15 years)

Campus Planning & Facilities Management

Rick Chase, Painter (20 years)
Hilario Colmenares, Custodian (15 years)
Marco Diaz, Custodian (15 years)
Tad Lueck, Structure & Support Manager (20 years)
David Petersen, Locksmith (25 years)
LeAnna Pitts, Assistant Director Facilities Services Work Management (5 years)

Anne Schwarz, Executive Assistant (5 years)
Dale Stadler, Facilities Engineer 3 (5 years)
Mark Stores, Custodian (5 years)
Robin Wood, Electrical Control System Technician (5 years)
Sean Woods, Pipe & Steam Fitter (10 years)

Safety and Risk Services

Michelle Gillette, EHS Professional 2 (5 years)
Haily Griffith, Occ Health & Safety Manager (5 years)
Amanda Hatch, ERM Project Manager (10 years)

Human Resource

Shawna Gilbert, Human Resources Specialist (10 years)
Sue Russell, Exec Assist/Strat Init Coord (15 years)

General Counsel

Purchasing & Contracting Services

Martha Hardwick, Administrative Assistant (5 years)
Lynne Harrell, Contracts Technician 2 (20 years)

Information Services

Rebecca Albrich, Data Center Operations Manager (25 years)
Jeff Jones, Director Identity & Directorectory Service (10 years)
Nick Maggio, Director (5 years)
Liz Pehaim, Accounting Technician (5 years)

Intercollegiate Athletics

Joe Barnes, Food Service Worker 2 (5 years)
Brad Harrold, Electrical/Control System Technician (15 years)
Laura Jorgensen, Assistant Athletic Director/Director of Ticket Operations (20 years)
John Mitchell, Athletic Equipment Coordinator (10 years)
Cora Nunamaker, Custodian (15 years)

Lisa Peterson, Deputy Athletic Director/SWA (10 years)
LouAnn Rhoades, Food Service Coordinator (5 years)
Terry Smith, Director of Ticket Sales (15 years)
Jill Steele, Assistant Athletic Director for Track & Field Operations (10 years)
Lauren Crockett, Assoc Dir of Admin, Events (5 years)

Office of the President

Office of Investigations and Civil Rights Compliance and

Vanessa Crakes, Manager of Investigations (10 years)

Office of the Provost

Division of Global Engagement

Ryan Chang, Information Technology Consultant (5 years)
Dana Elliott, Institutional Relations Rep (5 years)

Institutional Research

Dayle Gregory, Institutional Research Analyst (5 years)

Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art

Tiana Elkins-Buckley, Development Program Manager JSMA (5 years)

Museum of Natural and Cultural History

Yousef Alrahmani, Office and Business Manager (15 years)
Liz White, Graphic Designer (10 years)

Support Services for Student Athletes

Tiny Galago, Campus Patrol Officer (5 years)

Nick Lougee, Learning Specialist (15 years)

Undergraduate Education & Student Success

Hilary Gerdes, Assistant VP for Accessibility (35 years)
Tyan Taubner, Advising Case Manager (10 years)

Research & Innovation

Institute of Neuroscience

Jamie Rivas, Grants/Contracts Coordinator (5 years)

Material Science Institute

Jeanne Basom, Administrative Program Assistant (15 years)

OACISS Operations

Kelly LaCost, Grants/Contracts Coordinator (5 years)

Sponsored Project Services

Yousef Alrahmani, Manager, Post Award (15 years)


Russell Melia, Rsch Compliance Administrator (5 years)

Schools & Colleges

College of Arts & Sciences


Karen Bangle, Research Services Manager (5 years)


L. Lisa Clawson, Undergraduate & Curricular Coordinator (10 years)

Cinema Studies

Michelle Wright, Media Coordinator (10 years)

Comparative Literature

Cynthia Stockwell, Office Manager/Project Manager (15 years)

Earth Science

David Stemple, Accountant (25 years)


Beth Magee, Folklore Program Secretary/English Search (10 years)

College of Design

DSGN Research

Titus Tomlinson, RARE Program Director (10 years)

College of Education

Early Childhoods CARES

Sue Bristow-Tallmadge, Early Childhood Assistant (15 years)

General Operations

Lisa Fortin, Director Events & Student Recruitment (15 years)
Chris Hoffman, Program Technician/Contracts Specialist (10 years)
Brady Nittmann, Director of Financial Operations (5 years)


Debbie Northup, Research Analyst 3 (20 years)

Methodology, Policy, and Leadership

Angela Burham, Academic Program Coordinator (20 years)

Secondary Special Education and Transition Programs

Briana Parra, Administrative Program Specialist (5 years)

Lundquist College of Business

Connie Brady, Associate Dean for Finance & Administration (5 years)
Leeann Ford, Director of Financial Operations (10 years)
Sarah Nutter, Dean Lundquist College Business (5 years)
Damien Pitts, Academic Adviser & Diversity Specialist (5 years)
Helene Serewis, Assistant Director Graduate Student Experience (5 years)
Ellen Schmidt-Devlin, Executive Director of SPM (10 years)

School of Journalism and Communication

Paolo Daniele, Assistant Director Student Services (10 years)
Tom Lundberg, Information Technology Consultant (20 years)
Tom Rozinski, Trades/Maintenance Coordinator (5 years)
Lauren Wilcox, Senior Director of Development (5 years)

School of Law

Noah Glusman, Legal Studies Program Manager (5 years)
Chris Ruiz de Esparza, Director Diversity, Inclusion & Leadership Development (15 years)
John Inglish, Prog Dir Conflt & Dispt Resltn (10 years)

School of Music and Dance

Mike Reiter, Piano Technician (5 years)

Student Life

Dean of Students

Alanna Schuh, Accounting Technician (5 years)
Karyn Schultz, Women's Center Program Coordinator (10 years)

Erb Memorial Union

Shawn Rubino, Assistant Program Director Club Sports (20 years)
Ben VanderMeer, Laborer 1 (5 years)
Salmon 'Sam' Stroich, Assistant Outdoor Program Dir (5 years)

Student Services & Enrollment Management

Continuing and Professional Education

Sonya Faust, Assistant Director Continuing Education (15 years)
Cheri VanDomelen, Program Manager (15 years)

Student Financial Aid & Scholarships

Andre Klest, Assistant Director SSEM Research (5 years)
Karen Reyes-Ramirez, Student Records Specialist (5 years)
Katrina Schmidt, Assistant Director (25 years)

University Health Services

University Counseling Center

Turi Holte, Fiscal Coordinator 1 (10 years)
Nely Reyes Ramirez, Administrative Associate (10 years)
Laura Schulte, Case Manager/Senior Staff Therapist (5 years)

University Health Center

Jodie Anderson, Dental Assistant 2 (5 years)
Allie Heaman, Registered Nurse 1 (10 years)
Rebecca Schunicht Johnson, Administrative Program Specialist (20 years)
Kate Stoysich, Health Promotion Specialist (5 years)

University of Housing

Alex Cardinaux, Accountant 2 (10 years)
Jim Casby, Food Service Worker 2 (30 years)
Gerard Chinni, Cook 1 (25 years)
Chase Cilley, Food Service Worker 2 (5 years)
Mara Clark, Custodian (10 years)
Rainy Gross, TMW 2 (10 years)

Lori Konkolis, Facilities Services Coordinator (25 years)
Elizabeth Ramdass, Office Specialist 1 (20 years)
Jim Rittenhouse, Custodian (10 years)
Brady Rowe, Assistant Director Resident Life Occupancy and Systems (5 years)
Michael Wandke, Food Service Worker 2 (5 years)

University Advancement

Pam Duncan, Executive Support Specialist 1 (5 years)
Elizabeth Jacoby, Assistant Director Stewardship (10 years)
Lusha Kaufmann, Senior Director of Development (10 years)
Mike Ritchey, Director of Development-Gift Planning (10 years)
Kathryn Hart, Assoc Dir Schol&Named Fac Stwd (10 years)

University Communications

Paul Kozik, Analyst Programmer 2 (10 years)

UO Libraries

Steve Huter, Director, NSRC (25 years)
Azle Malinao-Alvarez, Interactive Technology Consult (20 years)
Lara Nesselroad, Manager Science & Math Libraries (30 years)
Jan Smith, Administrative Assistant (10 years)
Harriett Smith, Recataloging Specialist (35 years)
Sammi Strawser, Access Services Assistant (5 years)
Neil Wilson, Music Cataloger/Metadata Technician. (35 years)