Limited Duration Appointments

Limited Duration appointments are made when employees are needed for special projects of uncertain or limited duration, and which are subject to the continuation of a grant, contract, award, or legislative funding.

  • Limited duration appointments cannot exceed two years.
  • All of the rights and privileges of other classified employees are granted with one exception: those not formerly classified OUS employees are not entitled to layoff rights.
  • Appointments of at least half-time are eligible for vacation, sick leave, personal leave, employee-paid health and dental insurance, staff rates, and retirement contributions if the appointment is expected to last at least 90 days.
  • The limited duration appointment memo must be completed, signed by the employee and forwarded to Human Resources to be included in the new employee packet.
  • Call Benefits for orientation, 346-3086.

To change a limited duration status, please submit the Request to Change Limited Duration Status Form.