Lactation Support and Refrigerator Loan Program

Are you a university student, faculty, or staff member who is nursing your baby?

You may want to take advantage of the Lactation Support Rooms on campus or the Personal Refrigerator Lending Program.


Each Lactation Support Room provides a private, clean, comfortable and relaxing atmosphere for mothers to nurse, express milk, and keep their milk fresh with refrigeration.

Rooms are operated on a first-come, first-served basis. For those authorized to use the room, times may be either scheduled or drop-in depending on the number of users.

For your comfort, most rooms are equipped with hot and cold running water, a microwave, a refrigerator and comfortable seating.

For more information about the Lactation Support Rooms and the Personal Refrigerator Program or to obtain access, contact Jen Mirabile, Sr. HR Programs Coordinator at 541-346-2195 or

LACTATION SUPPORT ROOM LOCATIONS (lactation pumps are not provided)

McKenzie Hall, Temporary Room 364, has outlets and refrigeration available.

Knight Law School, Room 231B is located inside the Law Library on the 2nd Floor. It has outlets and refrigeration available.

Prince Lucien Campbell Hall (PLC), Room 30

Lewis Integrative Science Building (LISB), Room 311 has outlets and refrigeration available. Requires proxy card access.

Physical Education and Recreation Center, Ground Floor, this room has outlets and a refrigerator; requires special access code.

Allan Price Science Commons and Rsch Library, Ground Floor, this room as an outlet and refrigerator.

ASUO Women's Center, EMU Suite 3 welcomes and will accommodate nursing mothers on a drop-in basis who need a private space to nurse or express milk. Call the ASUO Women’s Center at (541) 346-4095 to schedule use or for more information.


This program provides nursing mothers - students, faculty and staff - with small, apartment-sized personal refrigerators for their campus offices and workspaces to store expressed milk. The loan period is based on the mother’s needs. To reserve, contact Jen Mirabile, Sr. HR Programs Coordinator at 541-346-2195 or



Oregon State Law, ORS 109.001 (1999), allows a woman to breastfeed in public. House Bill 237b, passed in May 2007, requires employers to give employees breaks to express milk and to make reasonable efforts to provide a private place to do so.

For further information about Breastfeeding, visit the Oregon Health Authority website.