Years of Service Honorees 2021

Congratulations to the following officers of administration and classified employees who have reached major work anniversary milestones! 

These employees have reached an increment of five years of service* (5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, etc.) as of December 31, 2020.
*Years of service is determined by employment dates in the university's Banner HRIS system. HR has done its best to identify honorees using employment dates in Banner. If employees have questions about why they are or are not included on the list of honorees, please direct questions to the program contact to resolve the issue.

Downloadable List

Division of Equity & Inclusion

Angeli Brooks, Event Coordinator (5 years)

Finance & Administration

Business Affairs Office

Laurie Jacoby, Travel Manager (10 years)
Joseph Muennich, Application Developer/Site Administration (10 years)
Stephanie Prentiss, Student Billing Collector (20 years)
Brian Strait, Training Manager/Banner Analyst (5 years)
Kelly Wolf, AVP Bus Affairs/Controller (15 years)

Campus Planning & Facilities Management

Kai Adams, Electric and Central System Technician (5 years)
Laura Ahlgren, Custodian (10 years)
Jane Brubaker, Trades/Maint Coordinator. (25 years)
Scot Campbell, Trades Maintenance Coordinator (10 years)
Rick Chase, Painter (20 years)
Jeremiah Dillon, Carpenter (20 years)
Marco Diaz, Custodian (15 years)
James Dumas, Cogeneration Engineer (15 years)
Johnny Earl, Custodial Services Coordinator (20 years)
Kevin Farthing, Associate Director Facilities Services (5 years)
Bowen Garner, Co-Generation Engineer (15 years)
Stephen Graham, Custodian (10 years)
Alison Hake, Interior Designer (5 years)
Shirley Harwood, Custodian (10 years)
Mike Harwood, Associate VP Planning/Facilities Management (5 years)
Jerimiah Igou, Trades Maintenance Worker 2 (5 years)
Bret Jensen, Zero Waste Program Coordinator (5 years)
Kayla Kemp, Custodial Services Coordinator (5 years)
Tad Lueck, Structure & Support Manager (20 years)
Steve Mital, Sustainability Director (20 years)

Aaron Maxwell, Grounds Maintenance Worker 2 (5 years)
Michael Mc Gee, Grounds Maintenance Worker 2 (5 years)
Mohamed Mounir, Custodian (5 years)
Steve Page, Co-Generation Engineer (20 years)
Judy Peters, Work Control Program Assistant (5 years)
David Petersen, Locksmith (25 years)
LeAnna Pitts, Assistant Director Facilities Services Work Management (5 years)
Lisa Roberts, Custodian (5 years)
Sarah Schneider, Custodian (15 years)
Steve Seeley, Locksmith (10 years)
Kyle Spangler, Trades Maintenance Coordinator (30 years)
Dale Stadler, Facilities Engineer 3 (5 years)
Mark Stores, Custodian (5 years)
Jayne Thompson, Custodian (15 years)
Wanita Tiburcio, Administrative Program Specialist (15 years)
Kevin Waldrop, Facilities Engineer 3 (5 years)
Tonya White, Office Specialist 2 (10 years)
Kyle Wilson, Utilities Maintenance Manager (15 years)
Terri Winn, Custodian (10 years)
Robin Wood, Electrical Control System Technician (5 years)
Sean Woods, Pipe & Steam Fitter (10 years)
Jeff Ziglinski, Zero Waste Program Coordinator (20 years)

Human Resources

Crystal Farset, Retirement Benefits Coor (5 years)
Cindi Peterson, Associate Director of Benefits (25 years)
Shannon A Rose, ELR Operations Manager (20 years)
Shawna Gilbert, Human Resources Specialist (10 years)
Sue Russell, Exec Assist/Strat Init Coord (15 years)
Randi Schmechel, HRIS Data Analyst (30 years)

Police Department

Chris Blake, Security Operations Cntr Supervisor (5 years)
Curtis Ewing, Police Officer (5 years)
Scott Geeting, Sergeant (15 years)
Tom Harrison, Police Officer (5 years)

Safety & Risk Services

Brook Eastman, GIS Analyst Programmer 1 (10 years)
Nate Ferguson, EHS Professional 3 (5 years)
Michelle Gillette, EHS Professional 2 (5 years)
Haily Griffith, Occ Health & Safety Manager (5 years)
Amanda Hatch, ERM Project Manager (10 years)

Vivian Olum Child Development Center

Marion Bauer, Assistant Director Upper School (5 years)
Sarah Klein, Early Childhood Associate Teacher (10 years)
Yafang Chang, Early Childhood Associate Teacher (5 years)
Sharon Kelly, Director (5 years)
Ida Suryana, Early Childhood Associate Teacher (15 years)
Joe Wagner, Early Childhood Associate Teacher (5 years)

VPFA Operations

Kassy Fisher, Associate VP Campus Services & COS (15 years)

General Counsel

Martha Hardwick, Administrative Assistant (5 years)
Lynne Harrell, Contracts Technician 2 (20 years)
Lisa Thornton, Public Records Officer (10 years)
Greg Shabram, Chief Procurement Officer (5 years)

Purchasing & Contracting Services

Grant Baldwin, Senior Contracts Officer (5 years)
John Beeson, Procurement Card Manager (5 years)

Information Services

Rebecca Albrich, Data Center Operations Manager (25 years)
Terry Allen, IT Consultant (15 years)
Pete Bauer, Analyst Programmer (25 years)
Shandon Bates, Director Information Services/Instructional Technology (10 years)
Jim Beard, Enterprise Systems Developer (15 years)
Gunawan Darmadi, Enterprise Systems Integrator (10 years)
Keith Folsom, Enterprise Systems Developer (10 years)
Stephen Fromm, Operations/Systems Engr, NERO (20 years)
Eric Fullar, Director Voice Systems & Data Center Operations (20 years)
Shirley Galloway, Application Support Specialist (5 years)
Cindy Hetrick, Finance & Budget Manager (10 years)

Charles Hollands, IT Security Compliance Analyst (15 years)
Jeff Jones, Director Identity & Directorectory Service (10 years)
Nick Maggio, Director (5 years)
Edward Mason, Equipment Services Specialist (5 years)
Cleven Mmari, Director IT Security Compliance (25 years)
Liz Pehaim, Accounting Technician (5 years)
Travis Shea, BI Team Lead (5 years)
Cameron Shultz, Information Technology Consultant 2 (5 years)
Steve VanDevender, Operating Sys/Ntwk Analyst 2 (25 years)
Ramiro Vasquez, A/V Systems Engineer (5 years)
Samuel Villalobos, Library Technology Services Student Supervisor (5 years)

Intercollegiate Athletics

Karessa Barnett, Laborer (30 years)
William Blood, Associate Athletic Director Finance & Administration (5 years)
Lauren Crockett, Assoc Dir of Admin, Events (5 years)
Michael DeMartini, Assistant Athletic Director Business Operations (5 years)
Travis Halseth, Athletic Trainer (15 years)
Brad Harrold, Electrical/Control System Technician (15 years)
Rod Harrison, Laborer 2 (10 years)
Jeff Hawkins, Senior Asso AD/HDC Administration & Operations (20 years)
Angie Henbest, Accountant 1 (5 years)
Stuart Irons, Food Service Worker 1 - Int (5 years)
Laura Jorgensen, Assistant Athletic Director/Director of Ticket Operations (20 years)
Erica Kendrick, Athletic Trainer (5 years)
Kodi Look, Asst Director of Football Ops (5 years)

Casey Martin, Head Men's Golf Coach (15 years)
Larry Marshall, Laborer 2 (10 years)
Blake Mc Mahon, Office Specialist 2 (5 years)
John Mitchell, Athletic Equipment Coordinator (10 years)
Cora Nunamaker, Custodian (15 years)
Lisa Peterson, Deputy Athletic Director/SWA (10 years)
Steve Pohl, Video Coordinator (25 years)
Jim Radcliffe, Head Strength Coach (35 years)
LouAnn Rhoades, Food Service Coordinator (5 years)
Patty Stephens, Custodian (5 years)
Jill Steele, Assistant Athletic Director for Track & Field Operations (10 years)
Aaron Wasson, Assistant Athletic Director, Equipment & Champion (10 years)
Ed Wellette, Trades/Maintenance Worker 2 (10 years)

Office of the President

Knight Campus

Albert Aragon, Custodial Services Coordinator (5 years)
Naomi Crow, Director of Operations (5 years)
Betsy Tanenbaum, Recruiter Alumni Network Manager (10 years)
Stacey Wagner, Director Bioinformatic Genomic Masters Program (5 years)
Valerie Whelan, Sponsored Projects Manager (10 years)

Office of Investigations and Civil Rights Compliance and

Vanessa Crakes, Manager of Investigations (10 years)

President Administrative Operations

Brett Harris, UO Ombudsperson (5 years)
Carlyn Schreck, Assistant VP President Initiatives (20 years)

Office of the Provost

Ron Bramhall, Assoc Vice Prov Academic Exec (20 years)
Julie Mueller, Faculty Consultant (10 years)
Lee Rumbarger, Assistant Vice Provost TEP (10 years)
Anna Shamble, Senior Project Manager (10 years)

Division of Global Engagement

Ben Callaway, Assistant Director for Advising (5 years)
Ryan Chang, Information Technology Consultant (5 years)
Dana Elliott, Institutional Relations Rep (5 years)
Dennis Galvan, Dean & Vice Provost for Global Engagement (20 years)
Nancy O'Brien, Executive Assistant (10 years)
Lori O'Hollaren, Assistant Vice Provost and Director (25 years)

Institutional Research

Dayle Gregory, Institutional Research Analyst (5 years)

Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art

Tiana Elkins-Buckley, Development Program Manager JSMA (5 years)
Sherri Jones, Assistant Administrator of Education (5 years)
Paul Nordquist, Special Events Assistant (5 years)
Mark O'Harra, Exhibit/Collections Preparator (5 years)
Beth Robinson-Hartpence, Exhibit/Collections Preparator (5 years)
Jonathan Smith, Collections Database Coordinator (15 years)
Debbie Williamson, Communications Manager (15 years)

Labor Education & Research Center

Leigh Roberts, Outreach and Conf. Specialist (5 years)

Morse Center

Rebecca Flynn, Co-Director Wayne Morse Center (10 years)
Christine Waite, Accounting Coordinator (5 years)

Museum of Natural and Cultural History

Yousef Alrahmani, Office and Business Manager (15 years)
Ann Craig, Director of Public Programs (15 years)

PROV Direct Reports

Dietrich Moore, Director of Academic Support (15 years)

Support Services for Student Athletes

Tiny Galago, Campus Patrol Officer (5 years)

Nick Lougee, Learning Specialist (15 years)

Undergraduate Education & Student Success

Dulce Castro, Academic Adviser (5 years)
Jackie Etchison, Interim Asst Dir First-yr Int (10 years)
Megan Flanigan, Academic Adviser (5 years)
Hilary Gerdes, Assistant VP for Accessibility (35 years)
Rebecca Hodges, Academic Adviser (5 years)
Dylan Lee, Intake & Operations Specialist (5 years)
Brendan LeJeune, Academic and Career Advisor (5 years)
Yashara Lund, TRiO Program Assistant (5 years)
Doneka Scott, Vice Provost for UESS (5 years)
Tyan Taubner, Advising Case Manager (10 years)
Megan Weiler, Academic and Career Advisor (10 years)

Research & Innovation


Cassandra Moseley, Senior Associate Vice Pres Research (20 years)
Mike Pluth, Associate Vice President for Research (10 years)
Nadia Singh, Associate Vice President Research (5 years)

AQACS Operations

Serena Boehm, Laboratory Animal Technician 2 (5 years)

Core Business Services

Diana Alderette, Office Specialist 2 (15 years)
Melissa Gold, Office Specialist 2 (5 years)

Finance and Business Administration Operations

Cesca Blythe, Accountant 2 (10 years)

Humanities Center

Melissa Gustafson, Program Coordinator (15 years)
Jena Turner, Associate Director (10 years)

Institute of Molecular Biology

Autumn Wicklund, Media Room Manager (25 years)

Institute of Neuroscience

Christian Pich, Java Architect (15 years)
Tyan Taubner, Advising Case Manager (10 years)

Material Science Institute

Jeanne Basom, Administrative Program Assistant (15 years)

OACISS Operations

Kelly LaCost, Grants/Contracts Coordinator (5 years)

Oregon Center for Optical, Molecular, and Quantum Science

Holly Lynn, Inventory Coordinator (15 years)

Oregon Institute of Marine Biology

Lisa Samuelsen, Head Cook 2 (10 years)

Sponsored Project Services

Yousef Alrahmani, Manager, Post Award (15 years)
Christina Wozniak, Outreach & Training Coordinator (10 years)


Research Centers & Institutes

Trish Mace, Dir Charleston Marine Life Ctr (5 years)
Russell Melia, Rsch Compliance Administrator (5 years)

Research Compliance Services

Carolyn Craig, Assistant Director Research Comp Services (10 years)
Sheryl Johnson, Director Research Compliance Services (10 years)

Research & Innovation Services

Josh Kerber, Sponsored Projs Administrator (10 years)

Technical Services

David Dose, Analyst Programmer 3 (30 years)
Corey Swift, Information Technology Consultant 2 (5 years)

Terrestrial Animal Care Services

Carissa Callihan, Office Specialist 2 (5 years)
Shinai Grzebielski, Lab Animal Technician 2 (5 years)

Schools & Colleges

Clark Honors College

Honors College Operations

Pamela Palanuk, Executive Assistant (20 years)

College of Arts & Sciences


Arnita Albertson, Undergraduate & Program Coordinator (10 years)
Karen Bangle, Research Services Manager (5 years)
Anna Duncan, Division of Personnel & Budget Specialist (10 years)
Denice Gray, Strategic Research Analyst (10 years)
Kim Larsen, Office Specialist 2 (5 years)


L. Lisa Clawson, Undergraduate & Curricular Coordinator (10 years)


Shelley Elliott, Business Manager (20 years)
Emily Gustin, Biology Technology Lab Preparator (5 years)
Ingrid Karson, Biology Advising/Curricular Coordinator (15 years)

CAS Humanities

Katie Dwyer, Interim Program Coordinator (5 years)
Timothy McGovney, Business Manager (5 years)

Ed COE General Operations

Tiffany Yep, Business Manager (5 years)


Mark Detweiler, Lab Preparator (5 years)
Jim Rasmussen, Buyer (20 years)

Cinema Studies

Kevin May, Multimedia Assistant (10 years)
Michelle Wright, Media Coordinator (10 years)

Comparative Literature

Cynthia Stockwell, Office Manager/Project Manager (15 years)

Computer and Information Science

David Sullivan, Analyst Programmer 2 (25 years)

Earth Science

David Stemple, Accountant (25 years)


Sharon Kaplan, Graduate Coordinator (15 years)


Beth Magee, Folklore Program Secretary/English Search (10 years)

German and Scandinavian

Karen Neal, Office Specialist 2 (5 years)


Heidi Gese, Office Specialist 2 (15 years)


Bill Troyer, Equipment Systems Specialist. (20 years)

Theatre Arts

Michael Walker, Scene Shop Coordinator (5 years)

Women's and Gender Studies

Josie Mulkins, Business Manager (10 years)

Yamada Language Center

Michelle Hefner, Administrative Program Assistant (15 years)

College of Design


Brian Conley, Accounting Technician (5 years)
Katie Coffin, Accounting Technician (5 years)
Kc Culver, Trades Maintenance Worker 2 (15 years)
Lydia Griffin, Office Specialist 2 (10 years)
Shaymond Michelson, Director of Fiscal Services (5 years)

DSGN Research

Titus Tomlinson, RARE Program Director (10 years)

School of Planning, Public Policy and Management

Tash O'Brien, Business Operations Manager (5 years)

College of Education

Center on Teaching and Learning

Nick Phillips, Administrative Program Assistant (10 years)

Early Childhood CARES

Sue Bristow-Tallmadge, Early Childhood Assistant (15 years)
Ursula Crawford, Administrative Program Assistant (5 years)
Andrea Hudson-Vaughn, Information Technology Consultant (15 years)
Cathy Rasmussen, Registered Nurse 2 (5 years)
Lisa Jackson, Early Childhood Assistant (5 years)
Michelle Lasby, Early Childhood Assistant (5 years)
MaryAnn Neves, Early Childhood Associate Teacher (20 years)
Stephanie Simmons, Early Childhd Associate Teacher (5 years)
Eva Trevarrow, Early Childhood Assistant (15 years)
Heather Waddell, Office Specialist (20 years)
Jan Weyers, Administrative Program Assistant (15 years)

Education & Community Supports

Beatriz Arrayga de Lomeli, Office Specialist 2 (10 years)
Jose Lomeli, Office Specialist 2 (5 years)
Robin Spoerl, Marketing & Design Manager (10 years)

General Operations

Tracy Bullock, Business & Operations Coordinator (5 years)
Lisa Fortin, Director Events & Student Recruitment (15 years)
Amy Green, Assistant Director Human Resources (10 years)
Chris Hoffman, Program Technician/Contracts Specialist (10 years)
Jennifer McGovney, Business Manager (10 years)
Colleen Maas, Business and Operations Coordinator (20 years)
Brady Nittmann, Director of Financial Operations (5 years)


Debbie Northup, Research Analyst 3 (20 years)

Methodology, Policy, and Leadership

Angela Burham, Academic Program Coordinator (20 years)

Secondary Special Education and Transition Programs

Briana Parra, Administrative Program Specialist (5 years)

Lundquist College of Business

Kit Alderdice, Marketing & Communication Coordinator. (10 years)
Connie Brady, Associate Dean for Finance & Administration (5 years)
Leeann Ford, Director of Financial Operations (10 years)
Krissy Hemphill, Schedule & Communication Specialist (15 years)
Lorena Landeros, Undergraduate Academic Adviser (10 years)
Sarah Nutter, Dean Lundquist College Business (5 years)
Damien Pitts, Academic Adviser & Diversity Specialist (5 years)
Julia Riley, Undergraduate Program Specialist (15 years)
Helene Serewis, Assistant Director Graduate Student Experience (5 years)
Ellen Schmidt-Devlin, Executive Director of SPM (10 years)

School of Journalism & Communication

Rachel Allen, Associate Director of Student Services (10 years)
Patricia Curtin, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Affairs (15 years)
Juan-Carlos Molleda, Dean School of Journalism & Communication (5 years)
Paolo Daniele, Assistant Director Student Services (10 years)
Tom Lundberg, Information Technology Consultant (20 years)
Tom Rozinski, Trades/Maintenance Coordinator (5 years)
Angie Whittington, Executive Assistant to the Dean (5 years)

School of Law

Jennifer Geller, Managing Director, PLP (15 years)
Noah Glusman, Legal Studies Program Manager (5 years)
Rebecca Ivanoff, Assistant Dean for Career Planning (5 years)
Ginamarie Jones, IT Customer Service Manager (10 years)
Jessica Merkner, Director of Development (15 years)
Mercedes Rathswohl, Faculty Support Coordinator (5 years)
John Inglish, Prog Dir Conflt & Dispt Resltn (10 years)
Jess Yates, User Support Technician (15 years)

School of Music and Dance

Mike Grose, Associate Dean Undergraduate Program (20 years)
Mike Reiter, Piano Technician (5 years)

Student Life

Dean of Students

Ritu Roy, Assistant Director of Sexual Violence Prevention Education (5 years)
Alanna Schuh, Accounting Technician (5 years)
Karyn Schultz, Women's Center Program Coordinator (10 years)
Kris Winter, Assoc VP & Dean of Students (5 years)

Erb Memorial Union

George Bowyer, Student Services Coordinator (5 years)
Diane Hoffman, Program Director, Craft Center (40 years)
Jacob Juge, Custodian (10 years)
Becky Lamoureux, Dir Moss St Children's Ctr (10 years)
Ben Prahl, Club Sports Program Director (5 years)
Shawn Rubino, Assistant Program Director Club Sports (20 years)
Karen Schneider, Scheduling Manager (15 years)
Salmon 'Sam' Stroich, Assistant Outdoor Program Dir (5 years)
Ben VanderMeer, Laborer 1 (5 years)
Mariah Williams, Ceramic Technician (5 years)

Physical Education and Recreation

Beverly Bray, Coordinator of Aquatics (20 years)
Al Diaz Jr, Assistant Director for Operations (5 years)
Sean Graninger, Assistant Director Intramural Sports (5 years)

University Career Center

Dani Amtmann, Assistant Director Career Readiness (15 years)
Colleen Lewis, Employer Relations/Event Coordinator (15 years)
Kathi Graue, Handshake & Data Specialist (5 years)
Tina Haynes, Employer Engagement Coordinator (35 years)

VP Student Life Administration

Renee Delgado-Riley, Director Assessment & Research (5 years)
Amanda Rosenberg, Executive Assistant to AVP/COS & HR Manager (5 years)

Office of the Registrar

Fraser Barron, Data and Systems Manager (10 years)
Sarah Strickler, Assistant Registrar for Operations (10 years)

Student Services & Enrollment Management

Jonathan Jacobs, Director SSEM Research (10 years)


Emily Carmichael, Assistant Director Regional Recruitment (5 years)

Continuing and Professional Education

Carrie Cook, Program Manager (15 years)
Corie Shupe, Business Services Manager (20 years)
Sonya Faust, Assistant Director Continuing Education (15 years)
Cheri VanDomelen, Program Manager (15 years)

Office of the Registrar

Satomi Ladd, Degree Audit Specialist (15 years)

Orientation Programs

Cora Bennett, Dir, Student Orientation Prog (20 years)

Strategic Communication and Marketing

Colleen Schlonga, Marketing Manager (5 years)

Student Financial Aid & Scholarships

Jim Brooks, Associate VP, Director Financial Aid (10 years)
Ashley Coleman, Assistant Director (10 years)
Shauna Harper, Assistant Director (5 years)
Antonio Huerta, Admissions Counselor (10 years)
Andre Klest, Assistant Director SSEM Research (5 years)
Laura Lacasa, Asst Director for Operations (10 years)
Karen Reyes-Ramirez, Student Records Specialist (5 years)
Katrina Schmidt, Assistant Director (25 years)
Michael Thompson, Assistant Director for Administration & Financial Support (15 years)

University Health Services

University Health Center

Jodie Anderson, Dental Assistant 2 (5 years)
Maggie Billings, Office Specialist (25 years)
Julie Brown-Prochot, Medical Aide (5 years)
Richard Brunader, Medical Director (10 years)
Cari Casarez, Registered Nurse 1 (5 years)
Sabrina Dake, Nurse Practitioner (5 years)
Sidney Davidson, University Physician (10 years)
Char Fentress, Medical Aide (5 years)
Gayle Frunz, Lead Psychiatric Nurse (25 years)
Allie Heaman, Registered Nurse 1 (10 years)
William Holt, Psychiatrist (5 years)
Colleen Jones, Nurse Practitioner (30 years)
Carol Martin, Medical Records Specialist (15 years)
Ken McClain, University Physician (15 years)
Rebecca Schunicht Johnson, Administrative Program Specialist (20 years)
Kate Stoysich, Health Promotion Specialist (5 years)
Jeff Whiddon, Resource Nurse (10 years)
Karen Woodson, Nurse Practitioner (5 years)

University Counselling Center

Turi Holte, Fiscal Coordinator 1 (10 years)
Shelly Kerr, Director (20 years)
Nely Reyes Ramirez, Administrative Associate (10 years)
Laura Schulte, Case Manager/Senior Staff Therapist (5 years)

University of Housing

Kelly Allen, Catering Event Coordinator (5 years)
Michael Arruda, Dining Services Manager/Chef (5 years)
Jen Bailey, Administrative Program Specialist. (15 years)
Sara Bowman, Interim HR Gen/Administrative Coordinator RL (5 years)
Jimi Campbell, Cook 2 (15 years)
Alex Cardinaux, Accountant 2 (10 years)
Jim Casby, Food Service Worker 2 (30 years)
Gerard Chinni, Cook 1 (25 years)
Mara Clark, Custodian (10 years)
Cele Colmenares, Food Service Worker 2 (15 years)
Christian Daugenti, Cook 2 (25 years)
Patrick DeCelles, Food Service Worker 2 (15 years)
Jeannine Gerbing, Food Service Worker 2 (20 years)
Rainy Gross, TMW 2 (10 years)
Carla Hastie, Intermittent FSW 2 (15 years)
Stanley Hicks, Cook 1 (5 years)
Sun Kim, Cook 1 (15 years)

Lori Konkolis, Facilities Services Coordinator (25 years)
Heather Kropf, Associate Director of Resident Life (10 years)
Krista MacPherson, Office Specialist 2 (5 years)
Miles Marrow, Assistant Director Residence Life (5 years)
Froilan Perez, Cook 1 (15 years)
Daniel Porter, Electrician (10 years)
Elizabeth Ramdass, Office Specialist 1 (20 years)
Doris Rosman, Custodian (15 years)
Brady Rowe, Assistant Director Resident Life Occupancy and Systems (5 years)
Jim Rittenhouse, Custodian (10 years)
Georgeanne Sayre, Intermittent FSW 2 (15 years)
Robert Torres, Food Service Worker 3 (15 years)
Chris Tuttle, Food Service Worker 2 (5 years)
Nate Wallace, Information Technology Consultant (15 years)
Michael Wandke, Food Service Worker 2 (5 years)
Elio Vasquez Ramirez, Laborer 1 (5 years)

University Advancement

Michie Adams, Prospect Analyst (15 years)
Heather Brown, Assistant VP Advancement Operations (10 years)
Pam Duncan, Executive Support Specialist 1 (5 years)
Elizabeth Jacoby, Assistant Director Stewardship (10 years)
Lusha Kaufmann, Senior Director of Development (10 years)
Lacie LaRue, Executive Director (5 years)
Chelsey Megli, Senior Director Strategic Talent Engmt (5 years)
Mike Ritchey, Director of Development-Gift Planning (10 years)
Jessie Rowe, McMorran and Special Event Mgr (10 years)
Kathryn Hart, Assoc Dir Schol&Named Fac Stwd (10 years)
Martie Steigleder, Program Manager Principal & International Gifts (15 years)
Sarah Suponski, Special Events Manager (5 years)

University Communications

Tim Beltran, Associate Director Web Design (15 years)
Kelly Copeland, Graphic Designer (10 years)
Matt Coughlin, IT Analyst Programmer (15 years)
Emily Halnon, Communications Specialist (5 years)
Paul Kozik, Analyst Programmer 2 (10 years)
Greg Raschio, General Manager Kwax (5 years)
Jim Murez, Public Information Rep 2 (5 years)
Krystin VanderMeer, Information Technician 1 (10 years)
Peter van de Graaff, Music Director (5 years)
Dusty Whitaker, Visual Communication Specialist (5 years)

UO Libraries

Lisa Curran, Daytime Coordinator (10 years)
Sam Galli, Library Technician 2 (5 years)
Steve Huter, Director, NSRC (25 years)
Noelle Jang, Metadata Technician (10 years)
Crystal Karlsen, Payroll & HR Coordinator (5 years)
Azle Malinao-Alvarez, Interactive Technology Consult (20 years)
Lara Nesselroad, Manager Science & Math Libraries (30 years)
Erica O'Grady, Summit Liaison (20 years)
John Scott, Access Services Specialist (20 years)
Harriett Smith, Recataloging Specialist (35 years)
Sammi Strawser, Access Services Assistant (5 years)
Brenda Willis, Rare/Non Book Processing Technician (15 years)

Distinguished Ducks - Wall of Honor

These UO employees are a Duck above the rest having contributed 25 years of service or more to the university. We are honored they have remained among the flock. Thank you for staying with us over the years. Happy anniversary!

Learn More About Each Duck:

Each Distinguished Duck has been asked to share something memorable about their time at the university and asked a few questions to compare with what we know about the current traditional freshman. Answers to the following questions compared with the current UO freshman class offers perspective and appreciation on how we've evolved over time:

  • For this year's freshman, the Toyota Prius has always existed. What was the make, model, and year of the first car you ever owned?
  • Movies are a click away for UO students as they have always been able to stream films using the internet. What is the first movie you remember seeing in a theater and in what city?


40 Years of Service

Diane Hoffman
Program Director
Craft Center

35 Years of Service

Hilary Gerdes
Assistant VP for Accessibility
University Career Center

Tina Haynes
Employer Engagement Coordinator
Undergraduate Education & Student Success

Jim Radcliffe
Head Strength Coach
Intercollegiate Athletics

Harriett Smith
Recataloging Specialist
UO Libraries

Mark Watson
Pro Tem Practicum Supervisor
Educational Methodology, Policy, and Leadership

Neil Wilson
Music Cataloger/Metadata Technician
UO Libraries

30 Years of Service

Karessa Barnett
Intercollegiate Athletics

Tell Me More:

First Car: GMC Matador

First Movie in Theater: Walt Disney's Bambi in Eugene, Oregon

Favorite UO location: Old Hayward field

Memory: There's been a lot of memorable moments .One that comes to mind is working on a movie set at Hayward Field.

Jim Casby
Food Service Worker 2
University of Housing

David Dose
Analyst Programmer 3
Research Technology Services

Tell Me More:

First Car: 1975 Ford Mustang

First Movie in Theater: Star Wars in Springfield, Virginia

Favorite UO location: UO Rec Center

Colleen Jones
Nurse Practitioner
University Health Services

Lara Nesselroad
Manager Science & Math Libraries
UO Libraries

David Landazuri
Cataloger & Technician
UO Libraries

Randi Schmechel
HRIS Data Analyst
Human Resources

Kathryn Sherman Bain
Associate Teacher

Kyle Spangler
Trades Maintenance Coordinator
Campus Planning and Facilities Management

25 Years of Service

Rebecca Albrich
Data Center Operations Manager
Information Services

Maggie Billings
Office Specialist

Jane Brubaker
Trades/Maint Coordinator
Campus Planning and Facilities Management

Tell Me More:

First Car: 1989 Toyota pickup

First Movie in Theater: The Sound of Music in Harrisonburg, Virginia

Favorite UO location: The PLC Memorial Courtyard inside the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art and any of the big trees on campus.

Memory: There have been many-One of my most treasured experiences was doing an ESPN piece with Bill Walton, hosting a tree tour through the Old Quad.

Pete Bauer
Analyst Programmer
Information Services

Tell Me More:

First Car: 1969 Plymouth station wagon

First Movie in Theater: Bedknobs and Broomsticks in Corvallis, Oregon

Favorite UO location: Autzen Footbridge

Memory: Working on the conversion from Banner digital text based screens to GUI interface and the move from Macs to Window's PC's in Oregon Hall. Seeing students use Duckweb for the first time.

Gerard Chinni
Cook 1
University Housing

Christian Daugenti
Cook 2
University Housing

Gayle Frunz
Lead Psychiatric Nurse
University Health Center

Steve Huter
Director, NSRC
UO Libraries

Lori Konkolis
Facilities Services Coordinator
University of Housing

Cleven Mmari
Director IT Security Compliance
Information Services

Lori O'Hollaren
Assistant Vice Provost and Director
Global Studies Institute

Cindi Peterson
Associate Director of Benefits
Human Resources

David Petersen
Campus Planning & Facilities Management

Steve Pohl
Video Coordinator
Intercollegiate Athletics

Tell Me More:

First Car: 1979 Honda Civic

First Movie in Theater: Bambi in Cincinnati, Ohio

Memory: Football games in Autzen and the Rose Bowl

Katrina Schmidt
Assistant Director
Student Financial Aid & Scholarships

David Stemple
College of Arts & Sciences

Steve VanDevender
Operating Sys/Ntwk Analyst 2
Information Services

Autumn Wicklund
Media Room Manager
Institute of Molecular Biology

David Sullivan
Analyst Programmer 2
Computer and Information Science