Wellness Seminar Series for Faculty and Staff

Human Resources partners with Cascade Centers, our employee assistance provider, and campus departments to offer wellness seminars for faculty and staff.
Each seminar focuses on a different aspect of personal well-being or an important campus topic and is free of charge. Other important information about wellness seminars:

  • When possible these webinars will be broadcast live via a webinar to UO Portland and the Oregon Institute of Marine Biology in Charleston.
  • Following each seminar, a recording of the presentation or PowerPoint presentation slides will be posted to the HR website.

Previous wellness seminars are available for viewing on the Wellness Presentations Library.

Investing: Traditional vs. Online Services

Monday, January 28, 9AM or 12PM

This class reviews a few time-tested investment principles. We review the differences between online investing platforms versus the more traditional practice of meeting face-to-face with an investment advisor. We'll explain the importance of monitoring your investments and adjusting your portfolios over time.

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Building Healthy Relationships in the Workplace

Wednesday, February 3, 1PM - 2:30PM

Attend this campus Wellness Ambassador led workshop for faculty and staff to learn about the dynamics of healthy workplaces and how to develop a productive and impactful team. This interactive workshop will discuss current research around organizational management, communication styles, conflict resolution, and emotional intelligence whilst also providing an opportunity for participants to delve into how to understand and contribute to improving their own current workplace environment.

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Making Tax Returns Less Taxing

Tuesday, February 9, 2021, 9AM or 12PM

For most of us, the primary concern when filing our income tax returns is how to minimize our taxes. In this class we will discuss how income tax is calculated, types of adjustments/deductions, ways to reduce taxation and strategies to save. We will review some of the common tax law changes resulting from the Tax Cut Jobs Act of 2017. We’ll also explore some common mistakes to avoid.

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Healthy Mind, Healthy Heart

Wednesday, February 10, 10AM

Recent studies show poor mental health is a risk factor for chronic physical conditions such as heart disease. In this webinar, you'll learn why anxiety and depression contribute to heart health risk factors, along with learning how to assess your mental stressors, and best practices to keep your mind sharp and your heart strong.

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Change and Ambiguity in the Workplace

Thursday, February 25, 10AM -11:30AM

This campus Wellness Ambassador led workshop for faculty and staff will explore types of change that occur within the workplace and help you explore how change is impacting you. We’ll explore communication techniques to use in the workplace around change and give you tools to take back to your office to have dialogue with your colleagues and supervisors.

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Relationships & Money

Thursday, February 25, 9AM and 12PM

We all have a relationship with our money; whether it's a good or bad relationship can depend on many things in our lives. Surveys tell us that stress about money can also have a big influence on our relationships with others. Join us as we explain how life experiences and emotions influence our finances, and then outline best practices to increase our awareness and improve our communications with friends and family.

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Guide to Employee Engagement

The Guide to Employee Engagement outlines ideas for employees to stay engaged during this difficult time. These ideas include taking care of yourself and others, prioritizing your communication, finding work-life balance and engaging with the university. We encourage you to review this website and think about your engagement in the new year. Here are some short videos we hope you find useful (Video credit: How to Adult, TedEx and Mircrosoft Healthcare and Life Blog).

Make Your Mental Health A Priority - Staff session

The University Counseling Center presented information on the importance of making your mental health a priority and offered tips and strategies for coping with stress. The New York times article, "What Makes Some People More Resilient Than Others," was also discussed. To access the recording please sign-in to your Oregon Office 365 account.

UO Parents Helping Their Children Navigate Online Learning

This session focuses on helping parents work with their children (K-12) as they attend school remotely. Strategies to support online learning are discussed, as well as, ideas for motivation and how to help your children become their own best advocates. To access the recording please sign-in to your Oregon Office 365 account.