UO COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement: New Hire Instructions for Supervisors

All newly hired faculty, officers of administration, classified employees, and UO temporary employees must complete the online COVID-19 vaccination requirement form within 30 days of their start date. Additionally, the university requires students, faculty, and staff to receive a COVID-19 booster shot. The booster shot requirement must be met 30 days after you become eligible.

In order to complete the process, new hires must have their Duck ID and password, as they will be required to log in. Detailed information regarding the requirement and process can be found on the UO coronavirus website.

Through the onboarding process, supervisors should notify new employees of the COVID-19 vaccination requirement regulation and provide them information to comply. Please refer new hires to the step-by-step instructions for further guidance.

Tracking and Monitoring Completion

It is the unit’s/supervisor's responsibility to ensure the new hire completes the process within 30 days of their start date. As a reminder, units should not ask new hires about their vaccination status, simply request they confirm that they have completed the vaccination status requirement process.

HR will provide monthly reports to Deans, Vice Presidents, Chiefs of Staff, and Academic CFOs that will show the completion status of all employees. That list can be used to audit and verify that all employees, including new hires, have completed the process. HR will not be able to look up individual completion results on an ad-hoc basis.

Supervisor Action

It is the supervisor's responsibility to track and ensure their new hire takes action on this requirement by their 30 day deadline. Refer to the tracking and monitoring section above for more information.

Supervisors are strongly encouraged to support employees through the COVID-19 vaccination requirement process in the following ways:

  • Inform employees of requirement and deadlines and provide reminders.
  • Elevate awareness of the purpose and intent of the requirement.
  • Encourage employees to take action early, rather than waiting until the deadline.
  • Focus on whether or not the employee has taken action by completing the online form. Do not ask if an employee verified vaccination status or requested an exemption to comply with the requirement.
  • Make every effort to work with employees to address issues that may prevent them from taking action, especially in units with employees who may not regularly check their UO email account or have limited access to computers.
  • Work with employees to overcome workplace barriers that may prevent them from scheduling a vaccination appointment, if they want one. Encourage employees to get vaccinated as one of the strongest ways to protect themselves and others. It is in everyone’s best interest for UO to reach the highest percentage of vaccination rate as possible. Refer employees to the UO Coronavirus website for information about COVID-19 vaccine and access to vaccinations.
  • Do not pressure employees to report vaccination status to comply or discourage exemption requests, this is their personal decision and you should respect that decision.
  • Refrain from discussing individual choice regarding vaccinations. Instead, please focus on the vaccination requirement process, remind and encourage employees to take action to meet the deadlines, and direct employees to the resources available on the UO coronavirus website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a new employee required to test weekly until they meet the vaccination requirement or request an exemption?

No. At this time, the UO required COVID-19 testing program is suspended based on Lane County's Low COVID-19 Community Level status and in consultation with public health authorities. If our Community Level moves to medium or high, the UO will reassess the situation and work with public health authorities to determine if the required testing program should be reinstated.

Can an employee start work at UO before they complete the COVID-19 vaccination process?

Yes. Employees can start work before they complete the process. The process must be completed within 30 days of their start date.

What if a new employee doesn’t complete the vaccination requirement process within 30 days of their start date?

The supervisor and/or unit HR partner should work closely with new hires to ensure they are able to complete the process timely, including assisting the new hire with the process and eliminating barriers they may experience, such as lack of access to a computer or difficulty navigating the process.

An exception may be granted if the delay is beyond the new hire’s control (for example, there was a delay in getting their Duck ID); exceptions should be rare and can be requested by emailing uoelr@uoregon.edu.

If the employee fails to take action, the supervisor or unit HR Partner should consult with Employee & Labor Relations on next steps by emailing uoelr@uoregon.edu.

How will I know that my new hire completed the vaccination requirement process?

Supervisors or unit HR partners can consult the monthly report that HR will send to Deans, Vice Presidents, Chiefs of Staff, and Academic CFOs, which will show the completion status of all employees.