UO COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement: Employee Process

The university strongly recommends that employees stay up-to-date with COVID-19 vaccines, which includes booster shots when eligible. This public health measure helps protect our community by reducing the potential for serious illness, hospitalization, or death. 

All employees, faculty, officers of administration, classified employees, and UO temporary employees, are required to be vaccinated against COVID-19 with primary doses or request an exemption. While boosters are no longer required, they are strongly recommended. 

Newly hired employees must complete the online COVID-19 vaccination requirement form within 30 days of their start date. 

Report COVID-19 Vaccinations

In order to complete the process, you must have your:

  • Duck ID and password, as you will be required to log in; and
  • All required documentation or forms ready to be uploaded before completing the online vaccination requirement form.

You should take action right away to allow yourself time to meet the your deadline. If you have questions, concerns, or difficulty completing the process, please contact your supervisor or your unit’s HR representative.

Action Steps:

1. First, gather your information:

  • To report vaccination status, you will need to enter the type of vaccination (i.e. Pfizer, Moderna, etc.), the date(s) the vaccination(s) were given, and upload a copy of the front and the back of your vaccination card or other medical record that documents your immunization date(s).
  • To request an exemption, you will need to
    1. Designate and document the type of exemption you are requesting.
    2. Complete the appropriate form, medical exemption form or religious exemption form. Under the federal executive order, an exemption is only allowed for medical or religious reasons.
      Please note that the medical exemption form requires the signature of a medical provider. You will need to allow time for this step to meet your deadline.
    3. If you request a religious exemption, complete the education module. Go to module>>

2. Then, prepare your required documents for upload:

  • Create electronic copies of your documents. Scanned copies (PDF) or photographic copies (JPEG) are accepted. To ease the process, it is highly recommended that you prepare your documents for upload prior to beginning the process of completing the online form.

3. Lastly, complete the secure online form and upload your document(s):

  • Complete the online form and upload the required electronic documents within thirty days of your hire date.

Complete Employee Vaccination Form

Reporting Guide

Option Action

I have my COVID-19 vaccinations, primary doses and booster shot.

I have my COVID-19 primary doses but not the booster shot.

Complete the vaccination reporting form.

  • Provide all vaccination dates, and upload front and back image of vaccination card.

  • UO no longer requires a COVID-19 booster.

Go to form >>

I have not received COVID-19 vaccinations.
I plan to get vaccinated.

Get your COVID-19 primary doses as soon as possible, and then complete the vaccination reporting form within 30 days of your start date.

Although not required, you are strongly encouraged to get your COVID-19 booster as soon as you are eligible.

I have not received COVID-19 vaccinations.
I do not plan to get vaccinated and want to request an exemption.

Complete the appropriate exemption form:

Submit your exemption request online and upload your completed form.

Go to form >>

Compliance Action Guide

All faculty, officers of administration, classified employees, UO temporary employees, and student employees  should complete the appropriate online COVID-19 vaccination reporting process by the appropriate deadline to comply.

Some groups may have similar, separate processes, such as graduate employees, student employees, courtesy and emerit faculty, and agency temporary employees. The following chart provides more information about who should take which action to comply with the UO COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement (primary dose(s)) regulation:


UO COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement Online Form

Medical Exemption Form

Religious Exemption Form

Tenure-related faculty, career faculty, officers of administration, classified employees (SEIU, UOPA, Teamsters), UO temporary employees

Student Requirement Process - myUOHealth Portal

Graduate employees and student employees

Additional guidance for specific employment conditions:

  • Fully remote employees must comply by completing the online employee form.
  • The University of Oregon is subject to the Oregon Health Authority rules mandating vaccinations for employees deemed health care providers and staff or K-12 teachers and school staff. UO's reporting process for employees meets the OHA requirements.
  • Newly hired employees take action within the first 30 days of employment by completing the online employee form.
    HR provides guidance for supervisors.


Confidentiality Disclosure

Information and documents provided by the employee are retained in accordance with applicable state and federal standards for confidentiality and protection of personal health information. Only a limited number of UO employees will have access to the information on a need-to-know basis in order to assist employees with completing the form, to assist with compliance with the OHA and federal mandates as needed, and to provide verification of compliance to state and local public health officials and federal officials, if requested.

Questions and Assistance

If you need assistance with the employee compliance process, please reach out to your supervisor. Questions regarding the online form can be emailed to uovaccine@uoregon.edu.