Teamsters Article 23


Section 1      The following days shall be recognized as paid holidays: New Year’s Day

Martin Luther King’s Day

Memorial Day

Independence Day

Labor Day

Thanksgiving Day

The day after Thanksgiving

Christmas Day

Special Day and every day appointed by the Governor as a holiday.


Section 2      Whenever a holiday falls on Sunday, the succeeding Monday shall be observed as the holiday. Holidays which fall on Saturday will be observed on the preceding Friday.  “Special Day” shall be one day, of the employee’s choosing, from among either the first working day before or after Christmas Day or before or after New Year’s Day. Management approval will be based on operational needs of the institution.

Section 3      If an employee works on a day observed as a holiday, as listed above in Section 1, he/she shall be paid time and one-half (1-1/2) for all hours worked in addition to his regular pay.

Section 4      An employee’s leave account shall not be charged for a holiday which occurs during the use of earned vacation or sick leave.

Section 5      Each employee will be granted a holiday on the employee’s birthday.

Section 6      Holiday Eligibility. All full-time employees will receive seven and one-half (7 ½) hours of holiday pay and part-time or hourly employees a pro rata portion thereof for recognized holidays in Section 1 above during those months in which the employee is in pay status the regularly scheduled working day before and the day after the holiday and provided the employee works thirty-two (32) hours or more during the month or appropriate pay period. Holiday pay shall be based on a seven and one half (7 ½) hour day.

Part-time and hourly employees will be paid a prorated share of the holiday pay based on the same percentage, or fraction of month, as they are normally scheduled to work.