MyTrack User Guide: Print PD and Export to Word

Printing a PD from MyTrack

What you do:

Using Chrome as your internet browser, log into MyTrack and navigate to the PD Library.

You can navigate to the PD Library either by:

  1. Clicking “Manage Position Description Library” on the “Job Description” card,
  2. Via the main menu in the upper left corner by clicking on “Manage position description library.”

    What you see:



    Click “View” on the PD you wish to view.

    edit view recruit for position archive

    From the full PD, click on the icon that looks like three dots (…) to expand the menu for options

    Click “Print”

    edit view recruit for position archive

    This will show the data entered into all fields, the selections made in drop down fields, and will expand the large text fields to accommodate full text.

    Exporting a PDF document to Microsoft Word for editing

    1. Open the PDF document using Adobe Acrobat Pro
    2. From the icons on the right side of the screen, select “Export PDF”
    3. On the next screen, select “Microsoft Word” and ensure the “Word Document” button is selected.
    4. Click “Export”
    5. In the pop up save window, choose where you would like your new document saved.
    6. Title your document and click “Save.”
    7. The Word document will open and you’ll be able to edit the content.
      NOTE: The data may be organized into a table format or separate text fields