The Register-Guard Advertising

UO Contract with The Register-Guard

The university has established an advertising contract with The Register-Guard to include all job opening advertisements. Utilizing this contract across the university:

  • Leverages UO branding.
  • Streamlines the advertising process.
  • Contains cost.

Departments include their job postings in a consolidated weekly UO jobs advertisement by submitting a request form to University Communications. Departments no longer need to contact The Register-Guard to place an advertisement for an available job.

If you have issues submitting the Request Form, or questions regarding the Request Form, please contact University Communications directly at


Placing a job in the weekly Register-Guard ad begins when the department submits a requisition to HR for approval and posting. The process includes:

  1. The department submits a job requisition for approval in MyTrack.
    NOTE: The job requisition must be approved or have unit based approvals completed, pending Recruiter (Central HR) approval, prior to submitting an online form to University Communications.
  2. Advertising decisions are made at the department level.
    • When HR approves a Faculty or OA job requisition, the job is automatically sourced to the UO Careers site, the Chronicle of Higher Education (ChronicleVitae) and the Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (HERC). Classified jobs are automatically sourced to the UO Careers site.
    • If placing an ad in The Register-Guard is part of the strategic advertising plan, a department representative submits an online form to University Communications to request the position be included in the weekly print display ad.
      NOTE: The link to the form will be published on this page when the new process goes into effect sometime in March.
      The form requires the following information about the job:
      • Department contact information.
      • Department index for payment of advertisement.
      • Position title.
      • Job requisition number.
  3. University Communications completes the graphic design work required to produce the ad copy that includes all requested job postings.
  4. University Communications submits the ad copy to The Register-Guard.
  5. The Register-Guard publishes the ad.

KEY CONISDERATION: Be sure the job requisition has been approved by unit based approvers. The job requisition must be pending Recruiter (Central HR) approval in MyTrack before submitting the online request form to University Communications.

Access the online form using the link below to include a job in an UO advertisement with The Register-Guard:

If you have issues submitting the Request Form, or questions regarding the Request Form, please contact University Communications directly at


The UO job advertisement print ad is placed in The Register-Guard every Sunday. The exact day a job is included in the ad depends on when the request form is submitted to University Communications.

To complete the process of producing the advertisement by The Register-Guard's submission deadline for the Sunday edition, there is an internal deadline in University Communications that determines which jobs are included in the production process. If a request form is submitted after the deadline, then the job will included in the following week's ad. Below is a timeline that helps determine when a job will appear in The Register-Guard based on when the online form is submitted. The color of the day corresponds with the color of the advertisement run day:

Register-Guard advertising timeline


Request form submitted on Tuesday of Week A: meets the Tuesday 4 p.m. deadline. Job is included in the upcoming Sunday(1) (Week A) and Monday(1) (Week B) advertising.

Request form submitted on Thursday of Week A: misses the Tuesday 4 p.m. deadline for Week A. Job is included in the following week's advertisement submission. Ad runs on Sunday(2) of Week B and Monday(2) of Week C.

Contract Terms

Print Display Ad

  • A single consolidated display ad is published once per week in the Sunday print edition.
  • Ad is located in section A of the newspaper on pages 3, 5, or 7 depending on The Register-Guard's layout configuration.
  • Ad includes all jobs requested for The Register-Guard advertising by the established weekly deadline (see timeline above).
  • Departments are charged $80 per job, per week, included in the advertisement.

Digital Display Ad

For a limited time, jobs included in the weekly print ad will also be included in a digital ad on The Register-Guard website at no additional charge to departments/units.

  • The ad runs on the Monday following the Sunday print ad.
  • It is displayed on the right sidebar of webpage.

At the end of the trial period, the display ad will be evaluated for effectiveness to determine if the contract will include future digital advertising and at what cost to departments/units.

Sample Print Ad:

Sample Digital Ad:

Other Advertising Options

The Register-Guard will continue to offer a diversity/bi-lingual advertising package and advertising in the job section of the classified ads for purchase outside the UO contract. Departments/Units may purchase these items by calling The Register-Guard directly at 541-338-2212.