Interim Assignments

Pay Actions Freeze:

Due to financial uncertainty created by COVID – 19, the University of Oregon has implemented a freeze on the following pay actions: stipends, overloads, retention increases, expansion of duties, reclassifications (exclusions), work-out-of-class, and special merit increases. Faculty stipends and overloads and SEIU work-out-of-class requests will be reviewed in accordance with UO and unit policies and collective bargaining agreements, to the extent applicable, before applying the exception process.

This action complements existing budget management measures, such as the current hiring freeze, that are in effect as we respond to financial impacts of COVID-19.

Pay actions as listed above require a justification form. For guidance and information about this action including the form and exception request process, visit the Freeze on Pay Actions webpage.

When to use:

Use in cases where critical business needs require temporary emergency placement while a competitive search is being conducted.

In an emergency situation in which failure to fill a vacancy would compromise the health and safety of the UO community or compromise the operations of the unit, the unit may request an interim direct appointment to hire someone to fill a position on a short term basis, while it conducts a competitive search.

Process for Submitting Interim Direct Appointment request:

  • Unit/Department will obtain preliminary approval via e-mail from VP to pursue request for up to 1 year.
  • Unit/Department will submit a position description via MyTrack. Position description can be a copy of an existing role or created new. Do not update ongoing position description. Include "interim" in the title and clearly note interim status in Duration field.
  • HR reviews PD.
  • Unit/Department will create a requisition via MyTrack. Select “Direct Appointment” as the recruitment reason; the Direct Appointment type will be “Interim Assignment”. Complete and upload the Request for Direct Appointment form in the documents tab on the requisition. Submit requisition through requisition approval process in MyTrack.
  • HR will review the requisition and create a blind job link. HR will provide the link and instructions to the unit with instructions for delivering to the person being appointed, who will need to use the link to complete an application via MyTrack.
  • Unit/Department completes offer card via MyTrack.

Note: In most cases, increases will be effective only prospectively, beginning the pay period following HR’s receipt of the request with unit based approvals using the appropriate mechanism for the pay action (e.g. submission via the MyTrack requisition process or PRF).