Archived Hiring Process: Faculty-Close the Search

Implementation of MyTrack changes UO recruitment processes.  Beginning October 18, 2016, all new recruitments should be launched, approved and posted in MyTrack. Visit the MyTrack Support webpage for more information.

The information provide below is for recruitments underway prior to the launch of MyTrack.  It is not applicable for new recruitments launched in MyTrack after October 18, 2016.

Records Requirement

Once a search has been successfully completed or otherwise ended, it is important to close the search by gathering search-related materials into a search file. All documentation related to the search including, but not limited to, the materials identified below, must be gathered into a search file, marked as a search file, and retained by the department or other organizational unit for a period of three years. Failure to maintain search materials as legally required could lead to an assumption of unlawful discrimination in a legal challenge.

  1. The position description, position announcement and advertisements for the position.
  2. Documentation of outreach and recruitment efforts made in connection with the search.
  3. Resumes and other application materials submitted by all candidates who applied for the position.
  4. All correspondence with and/or related to candidates who applied for the position.
  5. Documentation of having sent Applicant Data Request Cards to all candidates and all Applicant Data Request Cards returned by candidates for the position. Include the Applicant Data Request Card for the selected candidate.
  6. Selection criteria developed by the search committee as well as any selection matrix, criteria review sheets, or other complete notes reflecting the evaluation of candidates using those selection criteria.
  7. Telephone and on-campus interview questions and notes.
  8. Reference check questions and notes.
  9. Notes that reflect search committee deliberations of the relative merit of candidates for the position, to the extent such notes exist.
  10. All forms required in the search process.

Refer to the UO Records Retention Schedule for more information on retention requirements.

Important Note:

If the search fails, the same record keeping requirements apply (4.14). An Affirmative Action Compliance Statement is still required by AAEO. If it is necessary to cancel an appointment after a contract has been printed, Payroll, Human Resources and the President or appropriate Vice President/Vice Provost's office must be notified.