Archived Hiring Process: Faculty-Make and Offer

Implementation of MyTrack changes UO recruitment processes.  Beginning October 18, all new recruitments should be launched, approved and posted in MyTrack. Visit the MyTrack Support webpage for more information.

The information provide below is for recruitments underway prior to the launch of MyTrack.  It is not applicable for new recruitments launched in MyTrack after October 18.

Faculty Hiring Guide Reference: Job Offer

Make a Contingent Offer

Making an offer to a final candidate begins with the hiring authority.  A verbal offer is made to the candidate reaching agreement to employment terms and is contingent upon the satisfactory completion of all required background checks and final approval of the search.

Once agreement with a candidate is reached, the negotiated agreement should be documented in a written contingent offer letter.

Contingent Offer Letter Guidelines:

Important Note: the official Notice of Appointment and Contract is issued by Human Resources

Letters to non-tenure related instructors should include:

  • Appointment dates
  • Assigned courses
  • General and specific expectations
  • Minimum enrollment requirements

Letters to tenure-related faculty might also include:

  • Tenure review dates
  • Teaching loads
  • Special salary arrangements
  • Research support details
  • Space arrangements
  • Moving expense allowances (separate VP approval required)

All contingent offer letters should also include this statement: "This offer is contingent on successful completion of background check and final approval of the search."

Because of frequent changes, no specific mention of benefits should be made. As an alternative, reference to the Human Resources benefits website could be included.

If a contingent offer letter is used, please include a copy of it with the Request to Offer Academic Staff Appointment. On the RTO, a Contract Comment is recommended, such as: “Contract is dependent on conditions in departmental letter dated xxx, including sufficient course enrollment.”

Complete the Background Check

Most newly hired faculty require a criminal background check.  Submit the completed Background Check Permission Form to Human Resources.  HR will notify you when the background check is cleared.  At that time, inform the Employment Specialist of the starting date. 

For more information about the background check process, refer to the Background Check Guidelines.

Complete the Hire

Formally complete the hiring process for the selected candidate by taking the following action:

  • Request an Affirmative Action Compliance Statement.
  • Request a UO ID number from the payroll office (Employee Information Form), only if candidate is new to the UO.
  • Prepare a Request to Offer Academic/Administrative Appointment form (RTO) using the Banner form PWAAPPT.
  • Complete affirmative action search documentation:
  • Assemble RTO Packet-RTO requires a department head's signature, and as necessary, college/unit signatures. Packet includes:
  • Submit RTO Packet to Human Resources.
    • HR processes packet and submits  for approval by the President or Vice President/Vice Provost. Upon approval, the offer is deemed official.
    • HR sends official offer contract to the selected candidate.
    • HR sends a copy of the RTO to the Payroll Office for payroll setup.

Other Hiring Department Responsibilities

  • Relocation Assistance
    If relocation assistance was offered, the hiring department contacts the new employee to explain procedures.
    Moving expenses must be approved in advance by the appropriate vice president or academic dean for faculty appointments. Complete instructions are at the Business Affairs moving expenses website.
  • Employment Authorization
    If a non-US citizen is being hired, the hiring department should confirm that the new hire is authorized to work at the University of Oregon under US labor and immigration laws. If you know the person is not currently authorized or you are unsure, please contact Jennifer Doreen (link sends e-mail), International Employment Specialist, at 6-2638. 
  • Hiring of a Graduate Student
    If a graduate student is being hired, a petition for Concurrent Faculty/Graduate Student Status is required.