Archived Hiring Process: Classified-Close the Search

Implementation of MyTrack changes UO recruitment processes.  Beginning October 18, 2016, all new recruitments should be launched, approved and posted in MyTrack. Visit the MyTrack Support webpage for more information.

The information provide below is for recruitments underway prior to the launch of MyTrack.  It is not applicable for new recruitments launched in MyTrack after October 18, 2016.

You are responsible for maintaining all documentation related to a job search. These records must be maintained for three years.  This documentation helps protect the University and your department in cases of complaints or charges of discrimination and provides the framework for your next recruitment.

Documentation should include items related to the vacancy:

  • position description
  • recruiting announcement
  • copy of ads (including where and when they were placed)
  • list of recruitment sources
  • names of interview panel members

Documentation must also include things related to all applicants:

  • applications
  • resumes
  • reference letters
  • supplemental questionnaires and rating forms
  • interview notes (make sure the names of note takers are included)
  • reference check notes
  • documentation of work samples

In short, document everything you take into consideration when making the hiring decision.