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General Email Accounts

Talent Acquisition uses general role email accounts to assist you with answering questions and resolving issues.  By using these general accounts, your question or need will reach several staff members who are assigned to triage and respond to inquiries. One of the benefits of utilizing these role accounts is that we can reassign items to the correct individual, or have an internal consult and reply with more comprehensive answer.

In general, please use the main talent email account to reach a member of the Talent Acquisition team:

For general recruiting questions, process questions, or assistance with items related to recruiting and hiring.

For other specific issues, here is a list of role accounts:

For all questions about using the MyTrack system, including technical assistance, roles/permissions, troubleshooting, etc.

Use when instructed to as a part of the recruitment process or in MyTrack user guides. This email is used for system notifications or process approvals and is not monitored for general questions.

Used as the reply-to address for all external candidate communications.  If you receive an inquiry from a candidate that is best answered by Human Resources, you are welcome to forward it to this address.

For general questions for Human Resources (not related to recruitment and hiring).

Assigned Recruiter

In June 2019, Talent Acquisition launched a pilot program to assign a recruiter from our team to HR partners in campus units.

What does this mean for HR partners?

  • One of our recruiters (senior generalist and generalists for recruitment) will be designated as your primary talent acquisition resource, your assigned recruiter "buddy." While we may assign additional or different team members to cover peak periods of volume or team member absences, our goal is to build ongoing relationships.
  • Your assigned recruiter buddy will take point on staffing consults, will serve as a resource for custom or non-standard job requisitions, can answer process or policy questions, and can provide basic search committee services like briefings.
  • If your assigned recruiter buddy can’t answer your question, they will be in charge of getting you an answer.

What’s not changing

  • Each recruiter will serve multiple units based on our assessment of our customers’ volume, typical recruitments, and other needs.
  • This model doesn’t guarantee immediate access to your buddy, but it does mean your outreach becomes an investment in their building a more comprehensive view of your recruitments and other pay actions.
  • You can still email with any questions you have, and they’ll be routed to your buddy if they can’t be answered immediately by our triage team or if they require a more in-depth consult.

If you have a question any questions, please contact

Call-in Hours 

The Talent Acquisition team in Human Resources is offering a pilot program of dedicated call-in hours where our partners can receive one-on-one support on questions related to recruitment and hiring as well as the use of related tools. Calls are welcomed at all times during our business hours.

When: Mondays 4:00pm-5:00pm and Wednesdays 10:00am -11:00am

How to Participate: Unit HR Partners and Hiring Managers can call Talent Acquisition at 541-346-5112.

Calls will be answered on a first-come, first-served basis.  Talent Acquisition will ensure multiple staff members with varying expertise are available to answer questions. 

Calls will be answered by a staff member who will gather the following information:

  1. Your name, department or unit, and contact info (in case follow up is required)
  2. Reason for your call
  3. PD/Requisition number (if applicable)

Calls will be transferred to a member of the Talent Acquisition team based on area of expertise and availability.

If all team members are currently on the phone with others, the information provided above will be noted and passed along when a staff member becomes available.  If you call and the main line is busy, we ask that you leave a voicemail message which will be returned.  We will make every effort to call individuals back and respond to messages within the defined call in hours for that day; however, depending on the time of your initial call and volume of inquiries, some calls may be returned within 24 hours.

We will invite partners who utilize this service to participate in a short survey to help us evaluate offering this dedicated resource on an ongoing basis, and appreciate your feedback.


Staff Listing


Nancy Nieraeth
Director, Talent Acquisition

Talent Acquisition

Jenna Rakes
Associate Director for University Talent Acquisition

Nicole Cartelli
HR Generalist for Recruiting

Corrine Cooley
Interim Recruitment Specialist

Katelyn Lewis
Interim Recruitment Specialist

Ryan McBride
Senior HR Generalist

Claire Pascual
Recruitment Specialist

Roberta Thompson
HR Generalist for Recruiting

Classification & Compensation

Diana Sobczynski
Senior Compensation Analyst

Lily Banks
Interim Classification & Compensation Specialist

Grant Keeney
Classification & Compensation Analyst