OA Position Description Update: Unit Guidance

The OA position description update initiative has been completed.


July 8 - August 30
All OA position descriptions will be updated and submitted to Sibson Consulting for review by August 30.

Important Considerations:

The following information describes Officer of Administration (OA) position descriptions (PDs) updates that are necessary for the purpose of the OA Job Family Framework (OAJFF) project:

  • All OA PDs must be updated at this time.
    Even if a PD was very recently created or updated and approved, there are new required fields that must be completed and the PD must be submitted, via MyTrack, for the OAJFF approval process. This includes position descriptions for post-retirement and faculty serving in administrative positions.
  • PDs submitted via MyTrack for the OAJFF approval process will not be reviewed by HR Recruiters or by HR Classification/Compensation. PDs will be sent directly from MyTrack to Sibson Consulting, our partners on the OAJFF project, for their review in order to place positions into the new framework.
  • It is strongly recommended that units submit an updated organizational chart for their unit, as it will provide more clarity regarding the scope and level of the position within the unit/department. Organizational charts can be emailed to OAjobfamilyproject@uoregon.edu. HR provides guidance about what to include and resources to assist in creating organizational charts.
  • The following describes additional actions NOT associated with the PD updates:

    • No information will be changed in Banner related to this update.
      • If you wish to update a position’s title, please follow this process.Questions can be routed to hrops@uoregon.edu.
      • If you need to update or correct a position’s supervisor of record, please enter the correct supervisor in the “Reports to” field in the MyTrack PD and then follow this process to update the supervisor in Banner.Questions can be routed to hrops@uoregon.edu.
    • This process is not intended to take the place of any typical position or pay action, such as expansion of duties. Any PD submitted via this process will require additional review prior to using it to launch a recruitment or to complete another type of position or pay action.

    If you have submitted a PD for the OAJFF project during the July/August window that needs to be re-routed to allow for recruitment or another type of position or pay action, please email talent@uoregon.edu to get assistance with next steps. This consultation will ensure the timely processing of your PD for recruitment or other pay action, as well as ensuring it’s considered by the consultant for the JFF project.


    Guidance and instructions have been sent to chiefs of staff and academic CFOs with HR responsibility, so they can determine the course of action, approval process, and timeline that works best for their unit.

    In general, unit leadership (COS/CFO with HR responsibility) determines the following for their unit and communicates accordingly with the appropriate supervisors and HR Partners:

    • collection and review process to be followed
    • timeline for completion
    • three levels of approvers for the OAJFF approval process in MyTrack (see approval process section below).
      Units may include more than three levels of review in their internal update process, but the approval process in MyTrack is limited to three approvers.

    Unit Leadership will set the expectation for supervisors to engage OAs in the review process.

    Contact your supervisor or your unit's HR representative for more information about the process.

    MyTrack Approval Process Steps:

  1. Updated PD is entered into MyTrack by the unit;
    • Follow the How to Submit a PD for the OAJFF Project guidance
    • Ensure the Y/N field, reason, and approval process align
    • The approval process will route the PD for the 3 unit level approvals
  2. 1st level unit approver:
    • Reviews the PD, makes any edits (if necessary) in MyTrack, and approves
    • Recommended approver is the HR Partner
  3. 2nd level unit approver:
    • Reviews the PD, makes any edits (if necessary) in MyTrack, and approves
    • Recommended approver is the supervisor
  4. 3rd level unit approver:
    • Reviews the PD, makes any edits (if necessary) in MyTrack, and approves
    • This completes the unit level approvals for this project
    • Recommended approver is the VP/Dean/Chief of Staff/Academic CFO with HR responsibility

Resources and Trainings:

Many units have processes in place to update PDs for recruitment or as a part of annual evaluations. Since this project calls for an update to all OA PDs, HR has assembled the following resources to assist departments during the PD update and approval process.

General Position Description Guidance:

MyTrack PD Module Resources:

  • Position Description Guidelines: These guidelines cover the PD in depth, walking through each area and how to make selections.
  • New Field Definitions: New fields were added to the MyTrack PD module as a part of an upgrade in conjunction with this project.  The new fields have short form definitions that correspond to lengthier descriptions.  This document covers these new fields and definitions.
  • Glossary of Terms:: Definitions of common words used throughout the PD so that supervisors, employees, and reviewers can have a shared understanding.
  • How to Print a PD and Export to Word: Supervisors or Employees may wish to print their PD to PDF and export to a Word document as a working draft.  They may also copy/paste from the PDF into the MyTrack PD Template, if desired.
  • Training—PD Module Changes webinar: 12 minute recorded webinar that walks users through the new fields in the MyTrack Position Description module

Additional Resource:

  • How to view my PD (employee): Employees can use this document to navigate to and view their PD in MyTrack, until the supervisor begins editing the PD in MyTrack.