OA Compensation Structure

OA Compensation Salary Bands Effective December 1, 2018

The OA Compensation Structure includes three separate ranges to cover the broad range of OA positions at the university.

The OA compensation structure will be reviewed periodically to determine whether a salary range adjustment is needed. If warranted, adjustments will be applied based on predominant market trends, as determined by annual published salary increase surveys and UO’s financial position.  It is expected that a thorough review of all positions within the structure will occur every two to three years.

Adjustments to Salary Bands:

Human Resources recently completed a review of the salary bands in the compensation structure for officers of administration (OAs). When the structure was originally implemented in 2016, HR made the commitment to maintain the compensation structure and keep with best practice by monitoring market salaries and making periodic adjustments to the structure.

This review determined the need to adjust the salary bands in the OA compensation structure. Please use the link below to review important information about the salary band adjustments, which were effective December 1, 2018.

OA Salary Band Update
Effective December 1, 2018