Non-Tenure Track Faculty Pay Actions Affecting Base Salary Guidance

With the implementation of the Oregon Equal Pay Act, we find it necessary to revise the approval requirements for pay actions for non-tenure track faculty - including instructional, research and librarian appointments. The affected pay actions include: new hires, retention offers, reclassifications, or any other changes in base salary.

VP/Dean approval is still required for pay actions that previously required such approval. In addition, pay actions, which affect base salary, must now go through a new central process. Do not enter into salary negotiation or discuss proposed salary changes with employees until you have central approval for your pay action. Changes in FTE alone do not require this type of review.

Process for NTTF Pay Action Approvals:

  1. Fill out form
    The Approval Form for Non-Tenure Track Faculty Pay Actions Affecting Base Salary must be completed. For instructional/librarian positions send completed form to For research positions send completed form to
  2. Central review
    The respective offices will review base salary pay actions - new positions, retention offers and other changes in salary - to determine whether the proposed salary creates any initial Equal Pay Act concerns among comparator positions. If there are Equal Pay Act concerns, Office of the Provost or Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation leadership will consult with the appropriate unit leadership prior to making a decision.
  3. Upload paperwork
    The centrally-approved form will be returned to the unit, who will upload the approved form to the offer card before the offer will be approved in MyTrack.

Vice President/Dean Authorization Change

The authority previously given to Vice Presidents and Deans to authorize salary offers of up to 10% over the hiring range, or retention offers with increases up to 20% over the employee’s current salary without exception approval, is hereby rescinded and is replaced by the process described above. This process will remain in place until further notification.

Informal offers may not be made until this approval process is complete. Proposed salaries cannot be communicated to employees before this approval process is complete.   

We understand that time is of the essence for hiring and retention offers, and they will be prioritized accordingly. Please follow the guidance on the Office of the Provost website for retention offers.