Temporary Employment: Classified Position


  • Temporary appointments are approved only to meet emergency, non-recurring and short-term workload needs.
  • Appointments are limited to a maximum of 1040 hours for any one temporary position.
  • All temporary appointments are subject to review and final approval of a Senior Recruiter.

Temporary Classified Appointments Hired Through the University

Temporary classified employees may be hired on campus to fill emergency, non-recurring, short-term work not to exceed 1040 hours in a one-year period. Temporary employees may also be hired to fill in for an employee on an approved leave for the duration of the leave. Temporary appointments must be approved by the Senior Recruiter.

Temporary classified employees may be hired into any OUS classification and paid the hourly equivalent of one of the steps within the pay range. Only if the work to be performed does not fit into an existing classification, the non-regular designation may be used and an appropriate hourly rate established. In rare instances, pay other than hourly can be approved.

Position descriptions are not required for temporary appointments. If you are unsure of the classification of the temporary employee you need, the Senior Recruiter or HR Analyst in Human Resources are available to assist in determining an appropriate classification.

Temporary appointments may be filled by direct appointment; a formal search is not required. Former employees and former student workers are good candidates for temporary employment. Retirees receiving PERS benefits may work for an employer participating in PERS up to 1039 hours per calendar year and still maintain their retirement benefits. The Senior Recruiter maintains a list of retirees interested in temporary work and may recommend other applicants such as academic year employees interested in employment during the summer.

Hiring Process

To fill a temporary classified position

  • Submit a Request to Hire Form online, print the form, obtain all required signatures. Send the completed hardcopy packet to Human Resources. Make sure that you clearly explain the reason and duration of the temporary appointment. 
  • Prepare the Temporary Employment Memo; give a copy to the new temporary employee and send a copy to Human Resources.
  • Complete the Temporary Hire Payroll Packet with the new temporary employee and submit to Payroll.

The University also allows units or departments to obtain temporary help through employment agencies. For more information, visit Employment Agency Guidelines Temporary Employment Agency Guidelines.