Limited Duration Memo

Date: ___________________

To New Employee: _____________________

From: HR, Talent Acquisition and Development

Subject: Limited Duration Appointment; SEIU collective bargaining agreement, article 36

This memorandum will confirm your limited duration appointment at the University of Oregon and outlines the conditions of your employment. Limited duration appointments are made when employees are needed for special studies or projects of uncertain or limited duration which are expected to last less than two years and which are subject to the continuation of a grant, contract, award, or legislative funding. A limited duration appointment can end at any time. With a limited duration appointment, you have all the rights and privileges of other classified employees with one exception. Unless you moved to this position directly from a classified job in the Oregon University System, you are not entitled to layoff rights.

If you have any questions regarding your employment status, please contact Human Resources, extension 6-3159. Please sign below and return a copy to Human Resources. Your signature indicates that you have been notified of the conditions of your appointment and that you acknowledge acceptance of the position under these conditions.  This document will be placed in your personnel file.

Employee Signature & Date

Date of Appointment