Classified Position: Onboarding

General Orientation

Orientation takes two forms: formal orientation conducted by Human Resources, and on-the-job orientation by the hiring department.  Human Resources will send an invitation to a half-day general orientation program for all new classified employees.  This will include  a campus tour.

Departmental orientation should include information specific to your unit.  See for ideas about orienting your new employee. 

Give a copy of the position description to your new employee and make sure that he or she understands the duties and responsibilities of the position.  Both the you and employee should sign the description and you are responsible for sending the signed position description to HR. 

Benefit Orientation

The new employee, eligible for benefits, needs to register to attend a Benefit Orientation within the first 30 days of employment.

Benefit Orientation Registration



Trial service

Trial service (probationary period) is an extension of the selection process and, as such, provides an opportunity to assess whether an employee's performance warrants regular status. The initial trial service period is the employee's first six months in a classified position; promotional trial service is the first six months after promotion from a UO or OUS position (movement to a job in a higher salary range).  For part-time employees who are less than .5 FTE, trial service is 9 months.  There is no trial service period for employees who transfer from UO or OUS positions in the same salary range or demote from a higher salary range.

You should give frequent feedback to new employees about performance. It is the University's expectation that supervisors will take a progressive approach in their attempt to correct less than satisfactory performance.  Call the Employee and Labor Relations Manager at x6-2965 or the Employment Manager at x6-2963 for assistance with this process.  The action to remove an employee from trial service is taken by the Associate Vice President for Human Resources.