Classified Layoff

  • Classified employees at UO have layoff rights under their respective collective bargaining agreements. Generally a layoff occurs because of a position elimination due to budget reduction or departmental reorganization. SEIU employees also have layoff rights if their position should change between part-time and full-time, or change between academic year, 12 month, seasonal, or intermittent status. Both agreements allow for bumping, or displacement, of less senior employees by the person being laid off. See Article 48 Layoff.
  • Because moving employees into vacant positions is much less disruptive for the campus community than bumping, it is University policy to make every effort to transfer affected employee(s) to vacant positions for which they qualify prior to taking action under the layoff article of the collective bargaining agreement. For that reason department heads contemplating actions which may trigger a layoff should give as much advance notice as possible to OHR so that appropriate vacant positions can be identified and employees can be transferred.