Caregiver Networks

We recognize that the UO employees are contending with the COVID-19 pandemic on many fronts that impact them both personally and professionally. The pandemic is a local, national, and global issue that extends beyond the university’s physical and virtual boundaries making it increasingly more difficult to balance work responsibilities with personal obligations.

Caregiving can be particularly difficult due to remote work, remote school, and other challenges at this time. Meeting these responsibilities have a unique impact on UO community members and their families. While UO cannot provide ready-made solutions to childcare and other caregiving issues individuals are encountering, we have created new networking opportunities within the UO community to help alleviate some of the pressure points.

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UO Care Provider Network

Exclusive to the UO community, this network connects members of our community with UO families needing caregiving. Only those with a UO email address can access the network to add their name to the caregiver listing or view the listing to connect with a care provider.

Providing care can take many forms:

  • babysitting services
  • nanny care
  • tutoring services
  • support with remote school
  • elder care


Finding a Caregiver

The Care Provider Network is intended to provide a list of potential caregivers. Those seeking care take full responsibility for managing the search and selection process on their own by contacting potential caregivers, completing the screening process, and defining terms including pay and schedule. The following tools assist with the process.

UO Shared Care Network

The Shared Care Network allows UO families to connect exclusively with other UO families seeking shared care arrangements. At this time, many families need more care or more flexible care options than they have before. Through this list UO families can work together to arrange a mutually-beneficial solution.

Shared Care can take many forms:

  • exchanging childcare responsibilities based on compatible work schedules
  • create a “learning pod” to partner on school work
  • create play groups and schedule play dates with other families

The creative options are endless when families find shared needs, collaborate to identify solutions, and establish mutually beneficial arrangements.
The Shared Care Network is designed to build itself as UO families join. The listing will grow as more people learn about this new opportunity. Please check the listing frequently as new contacts will be added regularly.

Viewing and adding information to the listings requires a Microsoft login using a UO DuckID and password.

For questions or assistance, please email and a UO representative will be in contact.

Important Considerations

UO community members work directly with one another to assess their needs, evaluate compatibility, screen for preferences, set schedules, and establish terms for payment, if applicable.

The University of Oregon makes this service available solely for the convenience of child care providers and clients who are members of the UO community. The university acts only as a clearinghouse for information and does not screen or vet either care providers or clients. The University of Oregon also makes no representations as to the qualifications of the care providers or as to the nature of the clients. Care providers are not employees or agents of the University of Oregon but instead are employees of the clients who hire them. Care providers and clients must communicate directly regarding compensation and all other aspects of employment. Care providers and clients who use this service acknowledge that the University of Oregon is not responsible for, and will be held harmless against, any injury, loss, or other damage arising from or related in any manner to the clients' and care providers use of this web service and/or the child or elder care provided.

Additionally, please be aware of the Conflict of Interest, Conflict of Commitment, and Outside Activities policy and ensure compliance.

New caregiver resources tool coming soon.

A web-based tool that offers comprehensive, one-stop access to the family and caregiver resources currently available across the university is available on the University of Oregon website. This centralized portal makes it much easier for UO community members to discover and identify programs and resources already in place that may address their needs.

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