UO Voluntary Summer Work Share Program - Forms Completion & Submission

Human Resources provides oversight and management of the program by filing claim paperwork on behalf of employees.

However, Work Share participants must submit required paperwork in order for HR to take action on their behalf.

Important Notice:

Please submit Work Share forms as soon as possible. The Oregon Employment Department will not initiate payments to participants until they receive required forms.

Complete Enrollment Forms

The Work Share enrollment process includes three forms:

Work Share Initial Claim Form (required)

  • Review, complete, and sign the Work Share Initial Claim Form.
  • It will be submitted to the Oregon Employment Department for review and final determination of acceptance into the program.

Tax Withholding Form (optional)

  • Fill out this form if you want to elect for tax withholdings from your Work Share unemployment checks.
  • Regardless of your withholding election, unemployment payments are reported as taxable on income statements.

Direct Deposit Form (optional)

  • Fill out this form if you would like the Work Share unemployment checks directly deposited into a bank account.
  • Remember to include a scanned copy or photo of a voided check or deposit slip.


Securely Submit Completed Forms

Forms contain confidential and sensitive information that must be protected, such as social security numbers and banking information. Care must be taken during the submission process to protect individual privacy. Please do not email completed forms to Human Resources.

Securely submit completed and signed enrollment forms by:

  • Uploading completed forms through the UO online process facilitated securely through UO Work Share Initial Claim Form Submission Portal.
  • If an you do not have access to utilize the online process, you may fax forms to Human Resources at 541-346-2548; or
  • Mail forms through U.S. Mail to Human Resources, 5210 University of Oregon, Eugene, OR 97403.

Secure Submission Portal Instructions

Video Tutorial

Forms: Instructions & Information

Most of the information requested by the forms is straight forward and will be easy to answer with information that is readily available to you. Information about sections that may be less clear is provided below to assist you.

Electronic Completion Information

You may use Adobe to electronically complete and sign the form, but you will need to download the forms from the web browser, view them in Adobe Acrobat, and save them to your computer/device before you begin to fill them out. Refer to the video tutorial and instructions.available.
For Apple Products: Please do not view and complete your forms in Apple Preview. You should open and fill the forms in Adobe Acrobat. Completing the forms in Apple Preview causes issues with content not coming through correctly and could delay your forms being processed.

Work Share Forms

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Work Share Initial Claim Form (required)

Employee Information Section

Employment Start Date: you can find your start date with UO in DuckWeb by:

  1. Logging in to DuckWeb for employees (using your UO ID number and PAC)
  2. Select Employee Information.
  3. Select Job Record Changes.
  4. Review your job history to determine your first day of employment.

U.S. Citizen: If you are a U.S. citizen, please mark yes and move on to section G. If you are not a U.S. citizen, answer the remaining questions in section F.

Employer Section

You will need to list all employers you have had within the last two years. If you have worked for UO for two or more years, you only need to enter information regarding your employment at UO

First Most Recent Employer: The University of Oregon is already entered into the form for you.

Refer to the following information for additional fields:

  • “Job Title” – Enter your current job title.
  • “I worked for this employer from” – Enter the first day of employment at UO (excluding student employment)
  • “Total (gross) earnings in above period of work” – Refer to your 2019 W-2; use the figure from box 1 “Wages, tips, other compensation”. You can access your 2019 W-2 Wage and Tax Statement in DuckWeb. Refer to the FAQ for instructions.
  • “Rate of Pay" – Enter your current monthly rate of pay (for salaried employees) or hourly rate of pay (for hourly employees). Be sure to check the corresponding box underneath this question.

Tax Withholding Form (optional)

"Benefit Year ending date" field: You can leave this field blank.

Direct Deposit Form (optional)

You will need to include a scanned copy or photo of a voided check or deposit slip with your form.

"Bye" field: You can leave this field blank.