Years of Service Honorees (2020)

Congratulations to the following officers of administration and classified employees who have reached major work anniversary milestones! 

These employees have reached an increment of five years of service* (5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, etc.) as of December 31, 2020.
*Years of service is determined by employment dates in the university's Banner HRIS system. HR has done its best to identify honorees using employment dates in Banner. If employees have questions about why they are or are not included on the list of honorees, please direct questions to the program contact to resolve the issue.
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25+ Years of Service

Division of Equity & Inclusion

Rafael Lopez, Interim Equity & Inclusion Specialist (5 years)
Karla Perez-Young, Academic Counselor & Retention Specialist (5 years)
Sugam Singh, Academic Counselor & Retention Specialist (5 years)

Finance & Administration

Budget and Resource Planning

Kelly Peterson, Financial Analyst (5 years)

Business Affairs Office

Keri Bartow, GE Payroll Specialist (15 years)
Krista Borg, Director, Student Finance Services (20 years)
Jay Butler, Retirement Payroll Specialist (10 years)
Benjamin Kane, Payroll Operations Manager (10 years)
Cathy McDermond, Payroll Accountant (5 years)
Brooke Millett, Travel Technician (10 years)

CJ Nelson, Communications Scheduler (20 years)
Jill Ritz, FIS Control Accountant - FC 2 (10 years)
Michael Syljuberget, Cashiers Manager (20 years)
Michael Walsh, System Administrator/BANNER Analyst (15 years)
Jesse Williams, Treasury Analyst (5 years)

Campus Planning & Facilities Management

Donny Addison, Solid Waste Manager (5 years)
Armida Ango, Custodian (5 years)
Vivian Barbour, Custodian (10 years)
Rob Berg, Electrical Supervisor & Lighting Supervisor (10 years)
Stacy Breaux, Building Automation System Field Supervisor (5 years)
Angee Brown, Locksmith (5 years)
Brian Cadwalader, Custodian (5 years)
Tucker Clawson, Carpenter (10 years)
Bertha Collman, Custodian (30 years)
Debbi Davis, Executive Assistant (5 years)
Darin Dehle, Director Capital Construction (15 years)
Piper Fahrney, Trades Maintenance Worker 2 (5 years)
Mark Fandrem, CPS Pipe & Steam Fitter (20 years)
Cimmeron Gillespie, Education Program Assistant 2 (5 years)
Eric Grape, Program Technician 1 (15 years)
Roland Guerrero, Electrician (5 years)
Dave Harris, Electric & Control System Technician (10 years)
Sandi Henley, Work Control Program Assistant (5 years)
Jude Hess, Custodian (5 years)
Ken Janecek, HVAC Control Technician (15 years)

Matthew Knox, Trades/Maintenance Worker 2 (5 years)
Craig Koharchick, Pipe And Steam Fitter (10 years)
Melanie Lester, Work Control Program Assistant (5 years)
Jered Lewis, Electric & Control System Technician (5 years)
Bob Lyman, Trades Maintenance Worker 1 (5 years)
Chris McLaughlin, Custodian (5 years)
Linda Miller, Custodial Program Assistant (20 years)
Dave Musgrove, Work Control Program Assistant (10 years)
Ken Peters, Trades Maintenance Worker 2 (20 years)
Michael Philley, Custodial Supervisor (5 years)
Vladimir Prime, Custodian (5 years)
Phillip Scott, Custodian (5 years)
Claudia Seaholm, Custodian (30 years)
Tom Sheridan, Painter (15 years)
Lal Singh, Custodian (25 years)
Nick Sloss, Grounds Maintenance Worker 2 (5 years)
Matt Smith, Electric & Control System Technician (5 years)
Kenneth Straw, Interim Mechanic & Plumbing Shop Manager (25 years)
Olin Vermillion, Plumber (5 years)
Kiles White, Co-Generation Engineer (5 years)

Human Resources

Maeve Anderson, Recruiter (5 years)
Gay Lynn Bath, Retirement Plans Management Director (5 years)
Sandee Bybee, HR Engagement/Communications Manager (5 years)
Michelle Cottrell, Lead HR Specialist (10 years)
Peter Fehrs, Associate Director Employee & Labor Relations (5 years)
Judy Gates, Manager, HR Service Center (15 years)
Katy Hatfield, Retirement Benefits Analyst (10 years)
Tiffany Lundy, Learning & Development Manager (15 years)

Chris Meade, Associate Director Employee & Labor Relations (10 years)
Jen Mirabile, Senior HR Programs Coordinator (15 years)
Nancy Nieraeth, Director, Talent Acquisition (5 years)
Kaia Rogers, Senior Director HR Programs Services and Strategic Initiatives (5 years)
Martin Stanberry, ADA Coordinator & Associate Director ELR (5 years)
Roberta Thompson, Recruiter (20 years)

Printing Services

Toni Burnette, Bulk Mail Coordinator (25 years)
Heath Hiam, Print Services Technician (30 years)
Kati Kronholm, Copyright Clearance Coordinator (35 years)

Safety & Risk Services

Matt Hendrickson, HazMat Program Manager and CSO (5 years)
Flo Hoskinson, Risk Manager (5 years)

Shared Services

Debra Bell, Office Specialist 2 (25 years)
Bobbi Bengtson, Associate Director FASS Business Operations (5 years)
Paul Blancher, Buyer (25 years)
Patrick Moore, Associate Director FASS Human Resources (15 years)
Deanna Tarango, Business Operations Administrative Assistant (35 years)

Transportation Services

Matthew Gross, Office Specialist 2 (5 years)
Josh Kashinsky, Active Transportation Coordinator (5 years)
Kathy Mangold, Parking Maintenance Technician (15 years)

UO Police Department

Anthony Button, Police Officer (5 years)
Zack Hermens, Police Officer (15 years)
Carol Lawton, Police Officer (5 years)
Bo Macovis, Sergeant (5 years)
Josh Nascimento, Police Officer (5 years)

Vivian Olum Center

Kristy Larson, Enrollment & Operations Coordinator (15 years)
Susan Schneider, Assistant Director (25 years)

General Counsel

Brandalee Davis, Legal Assistant & Administrative Coordinator (15 years)
Kevin Reed, Vice President & General Counsel to the University (5 years)

Purchasing & Contracting Services

Isla Dane, Contracts Technician 1 (10 years)
Holly Stutz, Procurement Analyst (10 years)

Information Services

David Bartlett, Senior MS Exchange Administrator (10 years)
Kyle Bolton, Desktop Services Technician (5 years)
Tim Boshart, Learning Systems Administrator (15 years)
Rob Chevalier, Identity Management Team Lead (10 years)
Sam Crow, Associate Director USS (15 years)
Chris Gardner, User Support Technician (5 years)
Kirk Johnson, Wireless Systems Specialist (5 years)
Isaiah Kautzman, Desktop Services Technician (5 years)
Brandon Kellogg, Information Technology Consultant (5 years)
Randall Klein, Analyst Programmer (20 years)
Joe Mailander, Assistant Director of Network Operations (15 years)
Shane Martins, EDM Administrator (10 years)

Bruce McCarthy, Data Center Systems Specialist (10 years)
Ron Mirabile, Network Engineer (Wireless) (5 years)
David Peterson, Classroom Technology Specialist (20 years)
Billy Ray, Analyst Programmer 2 (10 years)
Scott Roshak, Integration Programmer/Engineer (10 years)
Ryan Stasel, EDM Administrator (15 years)
Gary Sullivan, Director User Support Services (10 years)
David Teach, Network Architect (10 years)
Satoko Ura Dhillon, Learning Systems Administrator (5 years)
Andy Vaughn, Director of Inf and Engineering (10 years)
Peter Verrey, EDM Lab Manager (15 years)

Intercollegiate Athletics 

Dana Altman, Head Men's Basketball Coach (10 years)
Sharon Bonin, Accounting Technician (10 years)
John Brewer, Assistant AD for Marketing & Sales (5 years)
Matt Broders, Director of Development (5 years)
Stephanie Brooks, Athletic Trainer (25 years)
Chris Butler, Assistant AD for Information Technology (20 years)
Ida May Caldwell, Custodian (5 years)
H. J. Cohn, Senior Associate AD for Development (10 years)
Craig Davidson, Director of Athletic Medicine (10 years)
Brian Greene, Athletic Trainer (5 years)
Brielle Groen, Coordinator of Athletic Administration (5 years)
Les Groscup, Senior Director of Arena Operations (5 years)
Cindy Grotefend, Luxury Suites Service Manager (10 years)
Heather Halseth, Athletic Trainer (15 years)
Jeremy Harshbarger, Cook 2 (5 years)
Robert Johnson, Head Coach Men & Womens Track & Field (15 years)
Jessica Kirby, Director of Operations for Volleyball & Lacrosse (5 years)
Jerimiah Kolar, Custodian (5 years)

Zeb McClenny, Custodian (10 years)
Kevin McKenna, Assistant Men's Basketball Coach (10 years)
David Miller, Laborer 1 (5 years)
Rob Mullens, Director Intercollegiate Athletics (10 years)
Cody Peterman, Athletic Trainer (10 years)
Megan Robertson, Director, Promotions & Gameday Experience (15 years)
John Sargeant, Director Food & Beverage Concess Service (25 years)
Devon Shea, Associate AD Facilities & Events (10 years)
Tony Stubblefield, Assistant Men's Basketball Coach (10 years)
Rachel Sussman, Interim Athletic Trainer (5 years)
Paula Swan, Office Specialist 2 (5 years)
Mark Taylor, Laborer 2 (10 years)
Christina Taylor, Warehouse Manager (5 years)
Callie Wagner, Director Annual Giving Duck Athletic Fund (5 years)
Greg Walker, Associate Director Media Services (20 years)
Kari Ward, Administrative Program Assistant (5 years)

Office of the President

Peggie Kegel, Executive Assistant (10 years)
Mike Schill, President (5 years)

Knight Campus

Jessica Marquez, HR Manager (5 years)

Office of Internal Audit

Katie Bumgardner, Associate IT Auditor (5 years)

Office of the Provost

Maggie Bosworth, Executive Assistant (5 years)
Yvonne Braun, Associate Vice President Academic Affairs (15 years)
Bill Cresko, Director Data Science Initiatives (20 years)
Pat Fellows, Instructional Technologist and Designer (5 years)
Jeanene Gray, Associate Director (10 years)

Chris Krabiel, Assistant Vice Provost Budget & Strategy (5 years)
Karen Matson, Instructional Technologist and Designer (5 years)
Patrick Phillips, Provost & Senior Vice President (20 years)
Jason Schreiner, Associate Director (10 years)

Division of Global Engagement

Erin Cling, Office Specialist 2 (5 years)
Stephanie Knight, Assistant Director (5 years)
Holly Lakey, Assistant Director (5 years)
Sarah Jo Larson, Accounting and Contracts Technician (10 years)
Rebecca Megerssa, Interim Assistant Director ISSS (15 years)
Sonja Rasmussen, Director Mills International Center (15 years)
Luis Ruiz, Assistant Director Analytics & Student Success (15 years)

Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art

Dee Atkinson, Security Officer/MOA (5 years)
Anne Rose Kitagawa, Chief Curator of Collections & Asian Art (10 years)
Kurt Neugebauer, Associate Director Administration & Exhibitions (25 years)
Karri Pargeter, Business Manager (20 years)
Carlos Rodriguez Rodriguez, Museum Custodian (5 years)
Justin Stuck, Building Manager (5 years)

Museum of Natural & Cultural History

Ruth Hyde, Member & Visitor Service Manager (5 years)
John Ivie Jr, Systems Administrative Specialist (5 years)
Mia Jackson, Museum Educator (5 years)

Support Services for Student Athletes

Kris Galago, Office Specialist 2 (5 years)

Undergraduate Education & Student Success

Miranda Atkinson, Interim Associate Director Coll Car Adv (10 years)
Joseph DeWitz, Advising Case Manager (10 years)
Nora Fandino Unzaga, Adviser-Student Support Serv (5 years)
Lara Fernandez, Executive Director, Sail Programs (10 years)
Bear Goodman, Pathway Oregon Adviser (5 years)
Michael Gwynn, Learning Specialist (5 years)
Daniel Hagen, Pathway Oregon Adviser (5 years)
Jessa Heath, Pathway Oregon Adviser (5 years)
Paige Jackson, OAA Assistant Director AOPP (5 years)
Kris Katkus, Peer Advising Coordinator (5 years)

Tiffany Lee, Accessible Education Center Office Manager (5 years)
Elizabeth Milner, Academic and Career Advisor (10 years)
Tara Parrillo, Director-SSS (5 years)
Celena Simpson, Assistant Director PathwayOregon (5 years)
Hiroe Sorter, Director Strategic & Program Initiatives (10 years)
Ryan 'Ry' Smith, Academic and Career Advisor (5 years)
Julie Voelker-Morris, Common Reading Prog Director (20 years)
Katie Wolf, AEC Accommodations Program Manager (5 years)

Office of the University Secretary

Jennifer LaBelle, Executive Assistant & Board Operations Manager (5 years)

Research & Innovation

Core Business Services

Becky Beach, Buyer 3 (5 years)

Innovative Partnership Services

Jim Deane, Associate Director (5 years)
Orca Merwin, Associate Director (10 years)

Institute of Ecology & Evolution

Arlene Crain, Purchasing Technician (10 years)

Institute of Neuroscience

Mindy Kirk, Grants/Contracts Technician (5 years)
Jonathan Knight, Administrative Program Assistant (15 years)
Luke Ott, Laboratory Technician 1 (5 years)
Brandon Wiskow, Laboratory Technician 1 (5 years)

Material Science Institute

Anae Rosenberg, Grants/Contracts Coordinator (15 years)


Rob Yelle, Senior Research System Administrator (15 years)

Prevention Science Institute

Richard Nelson, Information Technology Consultant (15 years)
Rebecca Roby, Assistant Director Finance & Admin/Strategicion (10 years)

Sponsored Projects Services

Jennifer Clark, Sponsored Projects Administrator (5 years)
Elizabeth Denecke, Associate Director Research Contracts (10 years)
Elise Landry, Sponsored Projects Administrator (5 years)
Alayne Switzer, Sponsored Projects Administrator (20 years)

Study of Women in Society

Angie Hopkins, Administrative Program Specialist (5 years)

Schools & Colleges

Clark Honors College

Elizabeth Raisanen, Assistant Dean Advising Strategic Partner (5 years)

College of Arts & Sciences


Mark Adams, Accounting Technician (15 years)
Bruce Blonigen, Dean of CAS (25 years)
Sarah Bungum, Associate Director Donor Relations & Steward (15 years)
Dee Dee Kintz, Grants Administrator (20 years)

Eli Meyer, Director of Operations (10 years)
Hal Sadofsky, Divisional Dean Natural Sciences (25 years)
Cathy Soutar, Director of Planning & Facilities (20 years)
Harry Wonham, Divisional Dean Humanities (25 years)

American English Institute

Cheryl Ernst, Executive Director (5 years)


Mary Dricken, Science Lab Preparator (25 years)
Roger Leonard, Chemistry Teaching Labs Coordinator (15 years)
Autumn Lorraine, Science Lab Preparator (5 years)

Cinema Studies Operations

Emily Cornell, Curriculum & Business Coordinator (15 years)

Computer and Information Sciences

Matthew Cranor, Grants/Contract Technician (20 years)

Creative Writing Operations

Julia Schewanick, Business Manager (15 years)

Earth Sciences

Marla Trox, Office Specialist 2 (5 years)

East Asian Languages & Literatures

Lisa Ross, Office Manager (20 years)


Katie Murray, Administrative Program Specialist (5 years)


Julie Anderson, Administrative Program Assistant (10 years)
Melissa Bowers, Business Manager (5 years)
Kathy Furrer, Graduate Coordinator (5 years)
Karen McClain, Receptionist / UG Major Clerk (5 years)
Susan Meyers, Executive Support Specialist 1 (20 years)

Ethnic Studies

Donella-Elizabeth Cleveland, Administrative Program Specialist (20 years)


Lauren Pinchin, Department Manager (10 years)


Carol Kleinheksel, Office Manager (25 years)

Natural Sciences

Maya Watts, Education Program Coordinator (10 years)


Pat Martin, Business Manager (5 years)


Alton Luken, Head of Operations Pine Mountain Observatory (5 years)
Tiffany Stewart, Department Programs Assistant (5 years)

Political Science

Lo Owens, Accounting Technician (10 years)


Lori Olsen, Secretary (35 years)


Elizabeth Milner, Undergraduate Secretary (10 years)

Theatre Arts

Marie Greig, Business Manager (5 years)
Alohi Wright, Office Specialist 2 (5 years)

College of Design


Michelle Garibay, Academic Advisor (5 years)
Gerald Lacey, Trades Maintenance Worker 2 (10 years)
Cindy Lundeen, Manager Professional Outreach (15 years)
Ejay Oravecz, Public Information Representative 1 (5 years)

Rachel McNie, Interim Academic Advisor (5 years)
Tina Rinaldi, Managing Director (20 years)
Arturo Zavala, Associate Director Academic Advising (10 years)


Megan Banks, SCYP Program Director (5 years)

School of Art & Design

Damon Harris, Studio Technician Ceramics (5 years)
Maia Howes, Product Design Department Coordinator (20 years)
Jeremy Schropp, Information Technology Consultant 1 (5 years)

School of Planning, Public Policy, and Management

Becky Steckler, Urbanism Next Program Director (5 years)

College of Education

Academic Programs

Lindsay Elliott, Clinic Practicum & Contracts Specialist (10 years)
Richelle Krotts, Licensed Analyst/Student Record Coordinator (20 years)

Behavioral Research & Teaching

Aaron Glasgow, Director of Technology Development (20 years)
Evan Townsend, Analyst Programmer 2 (5 years)

Center on Teaching & Learning

Eugenia Coronado, Administrative Program Assistant (10 years)
Carol Dissen, Expert Reading Coach (15 years)
Scott McCammon, Software Project Manager/Programmer (10 years)

CIS Oregon

Garry Davlin, Analyst/Programmer Level 2 (20 years)
Stephen Mattes, Research Analyst 1 (5 years)

COE General Operations

Chris Krabiel, Associate Dean Finance & Operations (5 years)
Julie Wren, Assistant Dean Accreditation & Assessment (5 years)

CPHS Department

Danette Roberson, Academic Program Coordinator (10 years)

Early Childhood CARES

Bill Chandos, Web App Forms Programmer (10 years)
Kathryn Clark, Administrative Program Specialist (20 years)
Rebecca Driessen, Early Childhood Assistant (5 years)
Lori Hood, Early Childhood Assistant (10 years)
Cortney McIntyre-Trent, ecWeb Project Manager (10 years)

Education & Community Supports

David Crosby, Information Technology Consultant 2 (10 years)

Diertra Lomeli, Management and Support Team Coordinator (10 years)

Antony Raj, Information Technology Consultant 2 (5 years)
Katie Schulz, User Support Representative (5 years)

Education Methodology, Policy & Leadership

Adam Pritt, E-Learn & Classroom Technology Specialist (10 years)

Education Studies

Amy Harter, Academic Program Assistant (15 years)


Aaron Meyers, Network Analyst (10 years)
Jen Perren, Information Technology Consultant 2 (10 years)
Linda Peting, Senior Software Engineer (25 years)

OESL Oregon Education Science Lab

Stephanie Tabibian, Sapsik'wala Project Coordinator (5 years)

Graduate School

Sarah Craig, Academic Support Specialist (35 years)
Kate Mondloch, Interim Dean Graduate School (15 years)
Lesley Yates-Pollard, Academic Affairs & Student Admissions Specialist (5 years)

Lundquist College of Business

Jim Engelhardt, Director Strategic Communications (15 years)
Shelly Gourlay, Director of SPM (5 years)
Jamie Hoag Barnett, Assistant Director of Advising (15 years)
Charlie Just, Recruit & First Year Administrative Coordinator (5 years)

Katrina Loganimoce, Administrative Program Assistant-OEMBA (10 years)
Amanda Miner, Public Information Representative 1 (5 years)
Marianne Rosen-Murr, Administrative Assistant-LCB Operation/Faculty Support (20 years)

School of Journalism & Communication

Andra Brichacek, Director of Communication (5 years)
Sally Garner, Director of Student Services (20 years)
Regina Lawrence, Associate Dean for SOJC Portland (5 years)
Andrea McFarlane, Executive Assistant (10 years)

School of Law

Heather Brinton, Director ENR Program (15 years)
Greg Cole, Network Administrator (20 years)
Paul Keats, Faculty Support Specialist (15 years)
Sarah Keiski, Assistant Dean of Admissions (5 years)

School of Music & Dance

Tiffany Benefiel, Executive Assistant to the Dean (5 years)
Jennifer Freeman, OMB Assistant - Color Guard (5 years)
Dana Gorman, Administrative Support (25 years)
Josh Gren, Interim Director Marketing & Communication (5 years)

Jay Kenton, Student Services Director (5 years)
Jim Klenke, Accountant 1 (10 years)
Carla McShane, Administrative Coordinator CMI (15 years)
Thor Mikesell, Productions Manager (5 years)

Student Life

Dean Students

Maria Kalnbach, Coordinator Nontrad/Veteran Student Engagement (10 years)
Fatima Roohi Pervaiz, Director Women's Center (5 years)
Abigail Leeder, Director Experiential Education & Prevention Initiatives (15 years)

Erb Memorial Union

Daniel Geiger, Assistant Director Retail Services (30 years)
Ellen Grant, Assistant Director HR & Admin Services (15 years)
Michaela Hager, Stage Production Coordinator (5 years)
Margaret Hoff, Program Director Outdoor Program (15 years)
Mike Kraiman, Campus Scheduling Technology Administrator (35 years)
Becky Lamoureux, Director Moss Street Children's Center (10 years)
Taylor McHolm, Student Sustainability Center Program Director (10 years)

Robynn Medew, Administrative Program Assistant (25 years)
Yumiko Nakagome, Lead Teacher / Infant (10 years)
Mike Ragsdale, Maintenance Laborer Coordinator (10 years)
Justin Sandoval, OP Office Coordinator (5 years)
Jessi Steward, Senior Associate Director Student Programs (15 years)
Chad Wells, Building Superintendent (10 years)

Physical Education & Recreation

Deanna Bowden, Coordinator Procurement Capital Assets (35 years)
Jackie Cowan-James, Assistant Director of Aquatics (20 years)
Tom Huston, Trades Maintenance Worker 2 (5 years)
Teresa Palmer, Custodian (5 years)
Chantelle Russell, Associate Director Physical Education (15 years)

University Career Center

Kate Werdebaugh, Senior Associate Director (15 years)

VP Student Life Administration

Brian Clark, Assistant Director Assessment and Research (5 years)
Sorin Dragoiu, Director of Financial Services (5 years)
Nicole Nelson, ASUO Administrative Assistant/Office Coordinator (15 years)

Student Services & Enrollment Management


Mia Adams, Admissions Specialist (5 years)
Veronica Ramos Aguilar, Assistant Director for Admin Support (5 years)
Sky Seymour, Assistant Director (15 years)
Brian Stanley, Senior Assistant Director Transfer Residency (25 years)

Continuing & Professional Education

Laura Abbott, Executive Assistant (5 years)
Navit Berman, Exhibit Services Manager, Operations and Logistics Lead (10 years)
Todd Gauthier, Program Manager Lifelong Learning (5 years)
Gretchen Heberling, Submis Rev Srv Manager Team Leader (15 years)
Cameron Hertel, IT Services Manager: Team Leader (15 years)
Heather Inghram, Program Manager (5 years)
Laura Sufka, Registration and Payment Coordinator (10 years)

Enrollment Management

Jonathan Jacobs, Director SSEM Research (15 years)
Roger Thompson, Vice President for Student Services Enrollment (10 years)

Financial Aid

Jennifer Bell, Associate Director for Advising (5 years)
Kyna Burgett, Assistant Director (30 years)
Steve Mardane, Financial Aid Counselor (20 years)
Tina Phifer, Assistant Director Scholarship (5 years)
Thana Schafer, Administrative Program Specialist (5 years)


Jim Blick, Assistant Registrar, Statistical Reporting & Analysis (20 years)
Shelly Ehlers, Transfer Program Coordinator (15 years)
Laura Potter, Academic Scheduling Assistant (5 years)
Kari Vasquez, Student Records Specialist (5 years)

Strategic Communications

Karly Barrett, Public Information Representative 2 (10 years)
Brandon Blackwell, Applications Developer (5 years)
Jett Nilprabhassorn, Associate Director Strategic Comm Marketing (10 years)

Testing Center

Judith Reyes Ramirez, Psychometrician (5 years)
Jenny Rouch, Psychometrician (15 years)

University Counseling Center

Alisia Caban, Associate Director/Clinical Director (10 years)
Mariko Lin, Assistant Director/Education & Prevention Outreach Director (10 years)

University Health Center

Tracey Anderson, Custodian (5 years)
Alan Baker, Clinical Applications Coordinator (5 years)
Sandra Booth, Custodian (15 years)
Tamera Clevenger-McLaughlin, Dental Hygienist (10 years)
Sheryl Drushella, Office Specialist 2 (20 years)
Julie Giessen, Licensed Practical Nurse (15 years)
Adele Gorthy, Medical Laboratory Technician (5 years)
Hilda Hayes, Medical Aide (10 years)

Carmel Lakhani, Psychiatrist (5 years)
Shannon Millington, Director of Ancillary Services (15 years)
Christian Stowell, University Physician (5 years)
Marjie Thomas, Medical Transcriptionist (10 years)
Clodagh Thompson, PTSM Manager (10 years)
Stefanie Wald, Medical Aide (5 years)
Gregg Wendland, Pharmacy Manager (15 years)
Sherri Wolf, Immunization Compliance Coordinator (20 years)

University of Housing

Carmen Alvarado Naranjo, Cook 1 (5 years)
Lynn Alvarez, Assistant Director Residential Dining (10 years)
Debra Becker, Food Service Coordinator (20 years)
Susan Binder, Custodian (30 years)
Joe Black, Carpenter (5 years)
Darla Block, Food Service Worker 2 (5 years)
Celeste Blythe, Executive Assistant/Office Manager (5 years)
Bryon Booker, Assistant Director Catering Conference Services (15 years)
Jenny Brown, Custodian (5 years)
Luc Brown, Warehouse Coordinator (15 years)
Kathryn Caley, Classified Payroll Administrator (35 years)
Daren Cole, Custodian (15 years)
Tom Driscoll, Associate Director Housing/Director Food Service (20 years)
Eric Edmondson, Grounds Maintenance Worker 2 (5 years)
Tatyana Goleta, Intermittent FSW 2 (15 years)
Michael Griffel, Assistant Vice President & Director University Housing (10 years)
Travis Hadwen, Food Service Worker 3 (10 years)
Conner Hamilton-Stone, Food Service Worker 2 (5 years)
Gloria Hartvigsen, Food Service Worker 2 (10 years)
Kristina Holm, Food Service Worker 2 (5 years)
Mark Holvey, Carpenter (5 years)

Daren Humphries, Food Service Worker 2 (5 years)
Stacie Irvin, Director of Conference & Event Services (15 years)
Stacie Irvin, Interim HR Gen/Director Conference Event Services (15 years)
Eric Lahmann, Food Service Worker 2 (5 years)
Saykham Malaythong, Cook 1 (10 years)
Kimberly Marashlian, Food Service Worker 2 (10 years)
Jen Miley, Director, Housing Capital Construction (5 years)
Andre Moran, Assistant Director for Purchasing, Contracts & Accounting (25 years)
Paul Mumma, Facilities Manager (5 years)
Robert Musser, Custodian (10 years)
Norm Myers, Housing Information Technology Manager (25 years)
K'Lynn Parker, Food Service Coordinator (20 years)
Francis Pastorelle, Assistant Director Residence Life, UAFSS (5 years)
Spencer Payeur, Cook 1 (5 years)
Brenda Porter, Business Office Cash Assistant (10 years)
Anna Schmidt, Director Resident Life & Education Initiatives (5 years)
Laura Spear, Food Service Worker 2 (10 years)
Rachel Sterner, Access Control & Security Manager (5 years)
Jose Vela Valdivia, Custodian (5 years)
Nicholas Weldon, Community Director (5 years)
Aeksidore Zarlons, Cook 2 (20 years)

University Advancement

Mike Andreasen, Vice President University Advancement (10 years)
Betsy Boyd, Associate Vice President Federal Affairs (20 years)
Holly Brown, Senior Associate Director Finance and Administration (5 years)
Kayleen Cautrell, Travel Coordinator (5 years)
Vidusha Devasthali, Director Foundation Relations (10 years)
Taylor Fowler, Program Manager Employee Development (5 years)
Ann Greenfield, Senior Director Stewardship Donor Services (20 years)
Erin Hart, Senior Associate Director of Development MNCH (10 years)

Greg Jones, Assistant Vice President Development Programs (5 years)
Kim Molinari, Director of Employee Relations (20 years)
Chelsea Paris, Senior Associate Director Development Gift Plan (5 years)
Jen Parker, Senior Director Development of Scholarships and Student Success (5 years)
Ian Secord, Program Manager Alumni Engagement (5 years)
Joanne Steinhart, Executive Assistant Portland Office Admn (5 years)
Lori Talbot, Personnel Specialist (5 years)
Maja Wright-Phillips, Fundraising & Constituent Analyst (5 years)

University Communications

Zack Barnett, Senior Director Marketing Communications (15 years)
Molly Blancett, Media Relations Manager (5 years)
Laura Bottem, Executive Assistant to Vice President University Communications (5 years)
Tim Christie, Web Content Associate (10 years)
Marlitt Dellabough, Graphic Designer (15 years)
Kyle Henley, Vice President University Communications (5 years)

Tim Jordan, Graphic Designer (20 years)
Chris Larsen, Visual Communication Specialist (5 years)
Jennifer Lindsey, Chief of Staff & Assistant Vice President (5 years)
Charlie Litchfield, Assistant Director Video and Photo (5 years)
Sharleen Nelson Bolkan, Editor-Writer (5 years)
Jason Stone, Strategic Communications & Writing Specialist (5 years)

UO Libraries

Karen Chaix, Manager, Design Library (20 years)
Hana Chan, Law Library Manager (15 years)
Justin Demsky, Library Fiscal Coordinator (5 years)
Jeremy Echols, Analyst Programmer (10 years)
Rebecca Fisher, Electric Resources Technician & Serials Cataloger (30 years)

Audrey Lee, Preservation/Binding Technician & Cataloger (25 years)
Kumiko McDowell, Japanese Cataloger/Meta Technician (5 years)
Terry McQuilkin, Access Services Specialist (20 years)
Raina Smith, Financial Management Specialist (20 years)
Marcie Stout, Acquisitions & Budget Specialist (10 years)

UO Portland

John Roper, Trades/Maintenance Worker 2 (10 years)