Years of Service: Event Prize Winners

Winners for each prize offered at the Years of Service Annual Reception are listed below. 

Prizes will be delivered the week of January 20. Congratulations to this year's winners, and thank you to all for your service!!

Movie Basket

Annie Rogers
Wakako Stevens

Llama Phone Stand

Stephany Freeman

Spaceman Phone Stand

Colleen Minard

Sock, Glove, & Headband Combo

Jay Van Orman
Daniel Patten


Rafael Arroyo
Sonia Potter

Milk Boy Chocolate Bars

Micah Sardell
Louie Vidmar

Headband, Necklace, & Earrings Set

Brandon Floeck
Brianne Kintz

Cider Basket

Austin Doerksen
Kate Feeney

Charcoal Body Set

Tamra Holmes
Pat Rankin

Puzzle Book & Pencils

Debbie Anders
Josh Chadwick

Chocolate Bark Tin

Katie Heidt
Jani Scallion

Fishing Lures

Chris Wiesemann
Daniel Patten

Men's Basketball Tickets & Polo Shirt

Krista Dillon

Red Wine Basket

Christine Thompson
Sonia Potter

Neck Lounger

Chris Hogansen
Stephany Freeman

Lunch Bag & Soup Bowl

Nina Fox
Carmela Kortum

Champagne Pong

Sarah Conley
Jani Scallion

Warm Buddies

Katarina Bahnsen-Reinhardt
Sharon Heth

Martini Mixer & Glasses

Shannon Hingley
Pauline Miller

Lindor Chocolates

Shaun Haskins
Karl Owens

Beer Basket

Trish Dorman
Sherri Nelson

Cleaning Set

Jimmy Murray

Tea Pot Basket

Rebecca Hagerwaite
Caroline Wolfram

Cookie Sampler

Priscilla Lewis
Susan Ordonez

Gourmet Chocolate Bars

Anne Robertson
Sean Sharp

Rose' & White Wine Basket

Amanda Herring
Suzanne Reed

Music, Dance & Theatre Certificates

Amanda Keiffer
Hope Marston
Linda Smith

Music & Theatre Certificates

James Chang
Tanna Gallup

National Park Book & Travel Bingo

Don Dixon
Jill Elizabeth

Coffee Basket

Kaira Chandler
Theodora Ko Thompson

UO Flag

Mark Cowles

Candle & Lotion Set

Robbin Howard
Janet Macha

LED Light Box

Susanne Quock
Debbie Johnson

Craft Center Certificate

Mike Orr
Abbie Stillie

Hard Seltzer Basket

Cory Elgin
Karen Strain

Dog Treat Basket with UO Leash

Hannah Shallice

UO Growler

Michelle Brown
Thomas Pargeter

Activity Book & Markers

Dianne Nelsom
Lisa Taylor

Table Basketball Game

Mike Moresi
Angela Wilhelms

Men's Basketball Tickets & White Tee Shirt

Dianne Nelson

Travel Set

Danijela Koh
David Valdenegro

Wooden Puzzles

George Helbling
Don Morris

Stella Rosa Wine Basket

Jessica Best
Nick Mahlum

Tabletop Pong

Christy Dotson
Patrick Chinn

Celebration Chocolates

Debbie Johnson
Ron Miyaguchi

UO Gear Shop

Below is the list of the lucky Ducks who won a UO gear item. Winners have been notified directly with a description of their item:

Jacy Berg
Marlene Blum
Catherine Bonomini-Smith
Tim Carroll
Nathan Chaffee
Tami Chase
Patrick Chinn
Teresa Davis
Bryan Dearinger

Julie Dunbar
Kim Enbysk
Tanna Gallup
Michelle Glenn
Danyel Gurney
Anna Hejinian
Seth May
Misty McLean-Schurbon

Kelly McIver
Debra McLaughlin
Val Menge
Danny Pereira
Jerry Reese
Mindy Schmidling
Linda Smith
Candace Sumner
David Valdenegro

Contact Sandee Bybee by email at or by phone at (541) 346-3000 for more information or to arrange for prize pick up.