Years of Service Honorees (2019)

Congratulations to the following officers of administration and classified employees who have reached major work anniversary milestones! 

These employees have reached an increment of five years of service* (5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, etc.) as of December 31, 2019.
*years of service is determined by employment dates in the university's Banner HRIS system. 

Division of Equity & Inclusion

Samantha Maddox, Executive Assistant to the VP (5 years)

Finance & Administration

Business Affairs Office

Eric Bever, Senior Payroll Accountant (5 years)
Jody Bleisch, System Administrator (5 years)
Kathleen Brown, Accounts Receivable Manager (5 years)
Austin Doerksen, Work Study Payroll Specialist (5 years)
Rob Freytag, Director, Financial Services (10 years)
Joy Germack, Senior Tax Accountant/Analyst (5 years)
Christina Green, Fiscal Analyst (5 years)
Robbin Howard, Fiscal Coordinator 1 (15 years)

Carmela Kortum, AP Program Specialist (20 years)
Val Menge, Cashier Specialist (5 years)
Daniel Patten, Accounts Payable Manager (30 years)
Mindy Schmidling, Classified Payroll Specialist (15 years)
Karen Strain, Imaging Coordinator (20 years)
Gina Thompson, Cashier Specialist (5 years)
Kate Thompson, AR Administrative Specialist (15 years)
Stacy Vigil, Deposit Coordinator/Trainer (10 years)

Campus Planning & Facilities Management

Tim Allenbaugh, Construction Project Manager 2 (5 years)
George Bruce, Custodian (10 years)
Josh Chadwick, Carpenter (10 years)
Nathan Chaffee, Architectural Drafter 2 (5 years)
Cory Elgin, Trades/Maintenance Coordinator (15 years)
Brandon Floeck, Electrical/Control System Technician (5 years)
Judy Haines, Custodian (5 years)
Mike Hallam, Custodian (5 years)
Robyn Hathcock, Zero Waste Administrative Services Manager (20 years)
Terry Huuki, Carpenter (5 years)
Brad Lorenz, General Maintenance Mechanic (25 years)
Ed Macko, Grounds Maintenance Worker (20 years)

William Mapfumo, Custodian (5 years)
Tom Miller, Custodian (5 years)
Mario Perez, Custodian (5 years)
Lawrence Peterson, Electrical/Control System Technician (10 years)
Becca Puleo, Administrative Project Coordinator (5 years)
Pat Rankin, Custodial Supervisor (5 years)
Richard Reed, Custodian (10 years)
Melinda Seeley, Real Estate Prop Specialist (5 years)
Natasha Shulgina, Custodian (15 years)
Scott Tedder, Grounds Maintenance Worker 2 (5 years)
Christine Thompson, Director of Campus Planning (20 years)
Ron Tucker, Custodian (15 years)
Jay Van Orman, Co-Generation Engineer (20 years)

Campus Services

Alonzo Costilla, Printing Trades Specialist (15 years)
Rob Hawthorne, Administrative Program Specialist (5 years)
Beth Talbot, Bindery Worker (25 years)

Human Resources

Catherine Bonomini-Smith, Associate Director of HR Operations (5 years)
Annie Herz, Associate Director Employee & Labor Relations (20 years)
Grant Keeney, Class & Comp Analyst (5 years)
Missy Matella, Associate General Counsel (5 years)

Irini Papantoniou, Human Resources Specialist (25 years)
Mollie Peterson, HR Administrative Assistant (5 years)
Sonia Potter, Director, HR Operations (25 years)

Institutional Research

Claire Matese, Assistant Director IR (10 years)

Police Department

Geri Brooks, Police Officer (5 years)
Rachel Dale, Executive Coordinator (5 years)
Robert Ewing, CSO Sergeant (5 years)
Kelly McIver, Interim Clery Coordinator (10 years)

Don Morris, Police Captain (5 years)
Royce Myers, Property and Evidence Technician (20 years)
Chris Phillips, Police Sergeant (15 years)
Jason Wade, Police Captain (5 years)

Safety & Risk Services

Krista Dillon, SRS Director of Operations (15 years)
Michael Eppli, EHS Professional 2 (15 years)
Hallie Hoskins, Lab Safety Manager, Biosafety Officer (5 years)
Lisa Taylor, Insurance & Claims Coordinator (5 years)

Shared Services

Kathleen Duberowski, Payroll Manager (10 years)
Valerie Mickelson, Accountant 1 (5 years)
Elizabeth Seider, Administrative Program Assistant (5 years)
Mitch Sherwood, Systems and Network Engineer (5 years)
Greg Soderstedt, Property Specialist 2 (15 years)

General Counsel

Craig Ashford, Assistant General Counsel (5 years)
Bryan Dearinger, Associate General Counsel (5 years)

Purchasing & Contracting Services

Christy Dotson, Office Specialist 2 (5 years)

Information Services

Robert Bennett, Technology Service Desk Coordinator (20 years)
Ward Biaggne, Videographer (20 years)
Ben Brinkley, Director of Application Services (15 years)
Patrick Chinn, Associate CIO for Customer Experience (25 years)
Don Dixon, Desktop Services Technician (5 years)
Nina Fox, LMS Administrator (5 years)
Stephany Freeman, Director of Data Management (25 years)
Robbie Gardner, Network & Telecom Support Technician 2 (5 years)
Rob Harris, Data Network Specialist 2 (10 years)
Loring Hummel, Associate Director of Business Apps (5 years)
James Ingalls, Desktop Services Systems Administration (5 years)

Brock Lampman, Analyst Programmer (10 years)
Andy Montgomery, Technology Service Desk Coordinator (5 years)
Mike Moresi, Training Specialist (5 years)
Clarke Morris, Enterprise Data Asset Manager (5 years)
Dianne Nelson, Telephone Operator (59 years)
Jillian Sallaway, Tech Access and Support Specialist (5 years)
Micah Sardell, Director of Enterprise Systems (15 years)
Eric Shoemaker, Enterprise System Developer (10 years)
Derek Smith, Systems Engineer (5 years)
Chris Trown, Network Engineer (15 years)
Kyle Turner, Data Network Specialist 2 (10 years)

Intercollegiate Athletics 

Justin Arp, Laborer 1 (5 years)
Jeff Baden, Refrigeration Mechanic (5 years)
Jodie Berry, Assistant Women's Basketball Coach (5 years)
Beth Campbell, Development Assistant (15 years)
Mark Campbell, Associate Head Women's Basketball Coach (5 years)
Bill Clever, Executive Assistant Athletic Director, Compliance (20 years)
Debra Evans, Food Service Worker 2 - Inter (5 years)
Justin Fisher, Assistant Athletic Director, Development (5 years)
Kelly Graves, Head Women's Basketball Coach (5 years)
Matt Hall, Food Service Worker 3 (10 years)
Karl Johnson, Laborer 2 (10 years)
Megan Lopez, Director of Women's Basketball Operations (5 years)
Xavi Lopez, Assistant Women's Basketball Coach (5 years)
Karen Lord, Development Assistant (25 years)

Mary Ellen Mansfield, Associate Athletic Director, Finance & Administration (20 years)
Manny Martins, Associate Head Women's Soccer Coach (5 years)
Michael Mennenga, Assistant Men's Basketball Coach (5 years)
Colleen Minard, Business Office (25 years)
Chuck Poe, Equipment Systems Specialist 1 (5 years)
Virginia Register, Information Technology Consultant (40 years)
Brent Roberts, Trades Maintenance Worker 1 (10 years)
Donovan Rogers, Matt Knight Equipment Manager (5 years)
Holly Santos, Assistant Athletic Director, DAF Operations (15 years)
Nils Schyllander, Head Men's Tennis Coach (20 years)
Jim Tabor, Custodian (15 years)
Roger Toy, GM Concessions Autzen & Mo (5 years)
Matt Ulmer, Head VB and Beach VB Coach (5 years)
Ray Widmar, Custodial Services Coordinator (15 years)

Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact

Jim Hutchison, Senior Associate Vice President (25 years)
Moira Kiltie, Associate Vice President and Chief of Staff (15 years)
Jacqueline Mayorga Rivera, Student Recruiter and Advisor (5 years)
Stacey York, Director MIIP (5 years)

Office of the President

Greg Stripp, Chief of Staff, Senior Advisor to President (25 years)
Jason Younker, Assistant Vice President & Advisor to the President (5 years)

Office of Investigations and Civil Rights Compliance 

Kate Comiskey, Case Coordinator/Project Manager (5 years)

Office of the Provost

Gretchen Drew, Project Manager (5 years)
Chad Little, Online Education Exam Manager (10 years)
Chuck Triplett, Associate Vice President, Academic Infrastructure (5 years)

Division of Global Engagement

Zhaohui Chen, International Student Adviser (5 years)
Sara Clark, Intercultural Education Coordinator (10 years)
Elizabeth Dougherty Abbasi, GEO Program Coordinator (5 years)
Mandy Gettler, Associate Director (15 years)
Wanda Jamerson, Office Specialist 2 (5 years)

Hilary Lord, Senior Associate Director (15 years)
Ethan Mapes, Interim Manager SSSA (5 years)
Monica McLellan, Program Coordinator Global Studies (5 years)
Lisa Rubenstein Calevi, Assistant Director Institution Relations (5 years)

Labor Education & Research Center

Nikki Rudiger, Portland Admin Program Assistant (5 years)

Museum of Natural & Cultural History

Emily Hartlerode, Associate Director OFN (10 years)

Morse Center

Abbie Stillie, Public Information Representative 2 (10 years)

Support Services for Student Athletes

Shirley Brabham, Office Manager/Tutor Coordinator (15 years)
Tony Burgess, Campus Patrol Officer (10 years)
Blake Postma, Learning Specialist (10 years)
David Salmon, Math/Science Learning Specialist (15 years)

Undergraduate Education & Student Success

Rachel Bash, PathwayOregon Adviser (5 years)
Karla Haught, Academic and Career Advisor (5 years)
Katie Heidt, Academic Adviser (10 years)
Tami Hill, OAA Assistant Director for AET (10 years)

Amy Hughes Giard, Assistant Vice Provost, FIGs & Student Experience (20 years)
Kimberly Johnson, UGS Assistant Vice Provost Advising (5 years)
Lori Manson, OAA Director Academic Success Programs (15 years)
Jenni Van Wyk, Academic and Career Advisor (10 years)

Office of the University Secretary

Angela Wilhelms, University Secretary & Advisor to President (5 years)

Research & Innovation

Aquatic Animal Care Services

Timothy Mason, Director (30 years)


Priscilla Lewis, Program Manager (20 years)

Finance & Business Administration

Bryan Evans, Human Resources Administrator (5 years)

Humanities Center

Peg Gearhart, Public Information Representative (15 years)

Institute of Ecology & Evolution

Sara Nash, Assistant Director for Business Administration (20 years)

Institute of Molecular Biology

Jean Delaney, Editor Assistant (10 years)
Debra Duvall, Laboratory Assistant (30 years)
Ron Hanson, Buyer (15 years)

Institute of Neuroscience

Mike McHorse, Computer Support (25 years)
Kevin Schaper, Analyst/Programmer (20 years)
Calvin Smith, Lab Animal Technician (20 years)

Lewis Center for Neuroimaging

Fred Sabb, Director (5 years)

Material Science Institute

Laurie Schneider, Grants/Contracts Coordinator (10 years)

Oregon Center for Optical, Molecular, and Quantum Science

Brandy Todd, Assistant Director of Administration (15 years)

Oregon Institute of Marine Biology

Birch Holt, Accountant 1 (5 years)
Debbie Seabright, Cook 1 (5 years)

Research Administration

Karl Reasoner, Senior Program Manager (5 years)

Research Core Business Services

Stephanie Deutschman, Assistant Business Manager (5 years)
Melodi Jayne, Business Manager (15 years)

Sponsored Projects Services

Jonathon Campbell, Sponsored Projects Administrator (5 years)
Dan Shepard, Sponsored Projects Administration (5 years)

Technical Science Administration

John Boosinger, Director-Technical Services Administration (15 years)

Technical Services

Chuck Theobald, Analyst Programmer 2 (20 years)

Terrestrial Animal Care Services

Shani Attrell, Laboratory Animal Technician 1 (5 years)
Sylvia Banks, ACS Facility Manager (10 years)

Schools & Colleges

Clark Honors College

Jacy Berg, College Events Coordinator (5 years)

College of Arts & Sciences

Sally Dougherty, Director of Development (5 years)

American English Institute

Suzie Heilman, Housing and Homestay Coordinator (5 years)


Gabrielle Andrew, Graduate Program Assistant (5 years)
Misty McLean-Schurbon, Bio Lab Prep Operations Manager (15 years)
Annie Rogers, Department Secretary (10 years)


Christi Mabinuori, Graduate Program Manager (5 years)
Janet Macha, Office Specialist 2 (5 years)

Dean's Office

Pauline Miller, Executive Assistant (15 years)
Sherri Nelson, Assistant Dean for Budget & Finance (10 years)

East Asian Languages & Literatures

Lee Moore, Interim Chinese Flagship Coordinator (5 years)


Mike Peixoto, Undergraduate Coordinator (5 years)


David Yorgesen, Fiscal Coordinator 1 (5 years)


Nick Mahlum, Office Specialist 2 (5 years)

Human Physiology

Anni Elling, Department Manager (15 years)


Mary Brown, Undergraduate Coordinator (5 years)
Jessica Johnson, Graduate Coordinator (10 years)

Oregon Consortium for International and Area Studies

Hope Marston, Graduate Coordinator (20 years)


Jani Scallion, Accounts Payable Technician (40 years)


Roger Woods, Grants/Contracts Technician (20 years)

Women’s Studies

Josie Mulkins, Business Manager (5 years)

College of Design

Tom Coates, Fabrication Lab Technician (10 years)
Jay Ferris, Director Business Operations (5 years)
George Helbling, Director Financial Planning/Analysis (15 years)
Laura Jacek, ESBL/BioBE Office Manager (10 years)
Sean Sharp, IT Manager (10 years)
Louie Vidmar, Technology Support Analyst (5 years)

School of Architecture & Environment

Shaun Haskins, Business Operations Manager (10 years)

School of Art & Design

Heidi Howes, Administrative Assistant (15 years)

College of Education

Randy Kamphaus, Dean (5 years)
Denise McKenney, Business & Operations Coordinator (5 years)

Behavioral Research & Teaching

Rob Robinson, Analyst Programmer 2 (5 years)

Center on Human Development

Sol Joye, Associate Director ORSN (5 years)

Center on Teaching & Learning

Peter Hoogenboom, QA Engineer / IT Manager (5 years)
Anna Ingram, Administrative Program Assistant (15 years)
Trisha Travers, Reading Coordinator (15 years)
Julie Watts, Office Manager (10 years)

CIS Oregon

Matt Bell, CIS, Lead Content Analyst Production Coordinator (15 years)

Early Childhood CARES

Barbara Arena-Crandall, Early Childhood Associate Teacher (10 years)
Marcy Sexton, Early Childhood Assistant (20 years)
Jeani Williams, Coordinator of Finance & Operations (10 years)

Education & Community Supports

Seth May, Director of App Development (20 years)

Education Methodology, Policy & Leadership

Jen Davis, Administrative Program Assistant (5 years)

Education Studies

Angel Dorantes, UG Advising & Retention Coordinator (10 years)
Ann Kokkeler, Administrative Program Assistant (20 years)

Lundquist College of Business

Paul Allen, Associate Director Executive Admissions (5 years)
Jessica Best, Senior Associate Director of Career Strategy (16 years)
Monica Bray, Associate Dean Graduate Programs (5 years)
Michele Civiello, Executive Assistant to Dean (5 years)
Tamra Holmes, Senior Graphic Designer (5 years)
Sandy Kingsley, Administrative Program Assistant-OEMBA (10 years)
Micki Merner, Faculty Support Specialist (5 years)

Chris Otto, Director Development LCB (5 years)
Karl Owens, Operating Syst/Network Analyst (15 years)
Jon Sharpy, Videographer 2 (5 years)
Rebecca Sprinson, Assistant Director of Career Engagement (10 years)
Chris Wiesemann, Systems Adm/Network Analyst (15 years)
Kurt Zimmerman, Executive Director of Development, LCB (20 years)

School of Journalism & Communication

Josh Buetow, Director of Financial Operations (5 years)
Maya Lazaro, Education Program Assistant 1 (5 years)
Matt Schmidt, Academic IT Manager (10 years)
Gail Tinkham, Operations Coordinator (5 years)

School of Law

Kata Bahnsen-Reinhardt, Program Manager (10 years)
Nicole Commissiong, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs (10 years)
Jill Elizabeth, Academic Affairs Manager (15 years)
Della Green, Director of Finance and Accounting (15 years)
Chris Hogansen, Accountant 1 (5 years)

Sabrina Leathers, Career Center Coordinator(APA) (15 years)
Kasia Mlynski, Staff Attorney, Domestic Violence Clinic (5 years)
A. Elaine Seyman, Law School Registrar (5 years)
Sandy Weintraub, Director Oregon Law Commission (5 years)

School of Music & Dance

Guy Eckelberger, Information Technology Director (5 years)
Michelle Glenn, Director of Development (5 years)
Grace Ho, Professional Development & Academic Adviser (5 years)
Wakako Stevens, Donor & Alumni Relations Coordinator (5 years)

Student Life

Dean Students

Justine Carpenter, Director Multicultural and ID Based Support Services (5 years)
Rebecca Corral, Executive Assistant to Deans & Office Manager (5 years)
Lori Dunnihoo, Sexual Violence Support Services (5 years)

Katy Larkin, Director Student Conduct & Community Standards (5 years)
Sarah Rivas, Executive Assistant to AVP/DOS (5 years)
Caitlin Roberts, Director Fraternity & Sorority Life (15 years)

Erb Memorial Union

Rafael Arroyo, Cultural Forum Office Coordinator (5 years)
Jeannie Callaway, Custodian (5 years)
Kelly Fagundes, Interim Custodial Services Manager (15 years)
David Flock, Trades Maintenance Worker 2 (15 years)
Suzanne Hanlon, Assistant Program Director Student Activities (20 years)
Amber Herring, Assistant Director (15 years)
Danijela Koh, Early Childhood Associate Teacher (5 years)

Steven Linster, Assistant Director Business Operations (15 years)
Suzanne Reed, Building Services Coordinator (5 years)
Laurie Strother, Assistant to Associate & Assistant Director (15 years)
David Valdenegro, Setup (35 years)
David Wagner, Assistant Program Director, Craft Center Program (5 years)
Sonni Westlake, Early Childhood Assistant (5 years)

Physical Education & Recreation

Mark Braun, Custodian (5 years)
Amanda Brown, Coordinator of Events & Scheduling (5 years)
Trish Dorman, Associate Director Business Operations (5 years)
Clarita Harrington, Custodian (20 years)
Wenjie Wan, Custodian (5 years)

Vice President's Office

Roxanne Arnot-Copenhaver, Executive Assistant to the VP (5 years)
Michelle Brown, Assistant Director System & Infrastructure (20 years)
Mike Orr, Information Technology Consultant 2 (5 years)

Student Services & Enrollment Management


Sheila Kassab, Telephone Receptionist (25 years)
Theodora Ko Thompson, Admissions Evaluator (25 years)
Steven Wacker, Admissions Specialist (5 years)

Continuing & Professional Education

Ariel Brazfield, Program Manager (20 years)
Lisa Claiborne, Customer Knowledge Manager (20 years)
Van Cohen, Exhibit Services Manager Sales Development (10 years)
Sarah Conley, Program Manager (15 years)
Cameron Hertel, IT Services Manager, Team Leader (10 years)
Debbie Johnson, Administrative Prog Assistant (25 years)

Kara McFall, Program Director AIM (5 years)
Thomas Pargeter, Program Manager (30 years)
Brittany Parvi, Program Manager (5 years)
Maureen Scott, Office Specialist 1 (5 years)
Linda Smith, Program Manager (20 years)

Financial Aid

Morgan Ramsey Daniel, Associate Director for Operations (5 years)

Orientation Programs

Mckenzie Winders, Operations Manager (5 years)


Kaira Chandler, Executive Assistant (5 years)
Denise Frolov, Student Records Specialist (15 years)
Dan Huston, Registration Specialist (5 years)
Martin Milner, Student Records Specialist (5 years)

Strategic Communications

Marlene Blum, Assistant Director of Strategic Communication (5 years)

University Counseling Center

Ron Miyaguchi, Senior Staff Psychologist (20 years)
Susie Musch, Senior Staff Psychologist (5 years)

University Health Center

Mary Allison-Smith, University Physician (5 years)
Tami Chase, Registered Nurse 2 (15 years)
Karen Crockett, Custodian (10 years)
Teresa Davis, Insurance Operations Manager (5 years)
Julie Dunbar, Administrative Program Specialist (5 years)
Tanna Gallup, Medical Lab Technologist (20 years)
Raechel Gleese, Accounting Technician (5 years)
Melinda Grenz, Medical Records Specialist (5 years)
Danyel Gurney, Administrative Program Assistant (5 years)
Rebecca Hagerwaite, Nurse Practitioner (10 years)
Anna Hejinian, Physician, Assoc Medical Director (5 years)
Shannon Hingley, Registered Nurse 1 (10 years)

Amanda Keiffer, Office Specialist 2 (5 years)
Brianne Kintz, Pharmacy Technician 2 (10 years)
Debra McLaughlin, HIPAA Compliance Officer (5 years)
Jerry Reese, Information Technology Consultant (30 years)
Anne Robertson, Medical Lab Technologist (15 years)
Hannah Shallice, Physical Therapist (5 years)
Adam Shill, Custodian (5 years)
Liz Silverman, Laboratory Assistant (5 years)
Candace Sumner, Physical Therapist (10 years)
Ceara Wilson, Executive Assistant to Executive Director (5 years)
Caroline Wolfram, Pharmacist (20 years)
Faye Young, Dental Clinic Manager (5 years)

University of Housing

Shayna Abraham, Custodian (5 years)
Dorene Aslin, Food Service Worker 2 (5 years)
Jonathan Bain, Cook 2 (10 years)
Barbie Bright, Food Service Worker 2 (5 years)
Tim Carroll, TMW 2 (15 years)
Craig Cedar, Custodian (10 years)
Sparkels Chamberlin, Cook 2 (5 years)
James Cisler, Cook 2 (5 years)
Luis Colonia-Quesada, Food Service Worker 2 (5 years)
Mark Cowles, Custodian (5 years)
Grace Diaz Diaz, Food Service Worker 2 (15 years)
Edgar Eclarinal, Custodian (5 years)
Josh Ednoff, Custodian (10 years)
Kim Enbysk, Housing Service Center Specialist (15 years)
Micah Evans, Carpenter (5 years)
Sarah Fackrell, Food Service Worker 2 (20 years)
Jacob Glasser, Intermittent FSW 2 (15 years)
Cindy Gruner, Custodian (15 years)
Kelly Hammontree, Facilities Services Coordinator (10 years)
Frank Hartigan, Cook 2 (5 years)
Douglas Hethmon, Assistant Director for Info Technology (5 years)
Debbie Hibbard, Accounting Technician (15 years)

Cameron Holcomb-James, Food Service Worker 2 (15 years)
Larry Little, Custodian (10 years)
Michael Lund, Cook 1 (25 years)
Trinley Manang, Custodian (10 years)
Kevin McCarthy, Electrician (5 years)
Chris Melendez, Facilities Services Coordinator (Floor Care) (10 years)
Jeanine Metzler, Cashier 1 (15 years)
Maria Munoz, Food Service Worker 2 (5 years)
James Mutterspaugh, Cook 2 (10 years)
Chris Oram, Cook 1 (5 years)
Danny Pereira, Locksmith (20 years)
Jeffery Peterson, Cook 2 (10 years)
Rosario Principe-Ygnacio, Food Service Worker 2 (5 years)
James Randazzo, Custodian (5 years)
Chris Roblyer, Food Service Worker 2 (5 years)
Kimberly Soverns, Food Service Worker 3 (20 years)
Rose Vorce, Custodian (5 years)
Tomoko Warrington, Food Service Worker 2 (10 years)
Patrick Welborn, Custodian (15 years)
Cheryl Williams, Intermittent Food Service Worker (15 years)
Phil Williamson, Catering Captain (5 years)
Carlo Yozzo, Facilities Manager (5 years)

University Advancement

Mary Adams, Program Manager Recr and Org Analysis (10 years)
Debbie Anders, Administrative Assistant, Gift Planning (20 years)
Jeff Brown, Associate Director of Stewardship (20 years)
James Chang, Director of the Duck Career Network (20 years)
Kelly Elliott, Director of Reg Eng, Portland (5 years)
Kate Feeney, Director Development Pipeline Program (15 years)
Sharon Heth, Director of Development, Gift Planning (5 years)

Kelly Jacobson, Prospect Analyst (5 years)
Pete Korstad, Director of Development, Oregon Region (5 years)
Eric Ledford, User Support Technician (5 years)
John McGrath, Director of Development (5 years)
Chris Mortensen, Fiscal Coordinator (5 years)
Susan Ordonez, Associate Director Early Engagement (5 years)
Susanne Quock, Executive Assistant, AVP Federal Affairs (15 years)

University Communications

Greg Bolt, Communications Specialist (5 years)
Melody Leslie, Senior Associate Director (15 years)
Edward Parker, Analyst Programmer (15 years)
Michele Ross, Creative Services Manager (5 years)

UO Libraries

Pam Cressall, Payroll Support Specialist LD (20 years)
Laura Damiani, Continuing Resource Specialist (20 years)
Shelley Harshe, Administrative Operations Manager (5 years)
Jimmy Murray, Technical Specialist & Student Supervisor (15 years)
Linda Sato, Library App Programmer 2 (20 years)

Beth Singler, Accounts Receivable Coordinator (25 years)
Randy Sullivan, Digital Production Specialist & Supervisor (5 years)
John Taylor, Electronic Resources Specialist (10 years)
Xiaotong Wang, East Asian Catalog Team Leader (30 years)
Dj Wyrick, Microcomputing Support Technician (5 years)

UO Portland

Jane Gordon, Vice Provost for UO Portland (30 years)