2019 Outstanding Employee Awards

photo of 2019 outstanding employee award winners

2019 Outstanding Employee Award Recipients

Classified Employees

Kim Enbysk
Housing Service Center Specialist
University Housing

Liz Hahn
University Housing

Chris Hallam
Custodial Services Coordinator
Campus Planning Facilities Management

Tiffany Stewart
Department Programs Assistant
Department of Physics

Trudi Stuber
Nursing Office Coordinator
University Health Center

James Tuttle
Studio Technician
Sports Product Design

Officers of Administration

Anni Elling
Department Manager
Department of Human Physiology

Kevin Hatfield
Assistant Vice Provost Undergraduate Research
University Housing

Lynde Ritzow
Associate Director for Graduate Internship Program
Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact

Teri Rowe
Manager of Finance and Administration
Departments of Economics and Sociology

Haley Wilson
Coordinator of LGBTESS
LGBT Education Support Services