UO COVID-19 Personal Day

To provide an opportunity to refresh and recharge, university leadership is providing a COVID-19 personal day to eligible employees to be used in the month of December 2020.

Provisions for this additional paid day of leave are:

  • It is a one-time offering for 2020 only.
  • To be used December 1-31. Does not carry forward or add to existing paid leave accruals if not used by December 31.
  • In addition to the “special day of leave” (formerly known as the “governor’s special day of leave”).
  • Requires supervisor approval through the same process used for other time off requests, and should be applied to a single work day.

Employee Eligibility

The COVID-19 personal day applies to all employee groups – student employees who are scheduled to work in December (pro-rated based on typical hours worked), classified employees, officers of administration, and faculty and graduate employees with 12 month appointments.

Temporary non-regular, temporary classified, and post-retirement employees who have a regular, on-going schedule are also eligible for the COVID-19 personal day. Those who work at special events that have been canceled and therefore have not been on payroll for at least 30 days are not eligible.

New hires are eligible to utilize the extra day of leave immediately upon hire.

Reporting Process

The COVID-19 personal day can be applied through the usual time reporting process for your unit or department. There is no separate approval process required. Please contact your supervisor or your unit’s or department’s payroll administrator for further assistance and additional guidance.

For payroll entry, report the use of the COVID-19 personal day in the same manner as the “special day of leave” (formerly known as the “governor’s special day of leave”). It should be reported as a regular earn code (SAL, REG, OCH, RST). The expense and OPE will be charged to departments not the central leave funds.