COVID-19: UO Extended Benefits Program - Supervisor Resources

Supervisors play an important role in supporting employees through challenging times. Here are resources to help supervisors navigate employment changes including those in response to the university's modified operations during the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak.

Leave Without Pay Status - Supervisor Guidance

The following information and resources provides guidance for how best to interact and support employees during their period of leave without pay, which begins:

  • Work responsibilities and duties
    Employees are not expected, nor should they, perform work-related duties or tend to UO responsibilities while in leave without pay status. During this period, they are relieved from obligations to their duties and assignments, which includes writing and responding to work-related emails, and should not receive any work or assignments from you or any other member of your unit. Employees have been asked to reach out to their supervisor or unit representative for guidance should they receive a work-related email that requires response or be otherwise engaged in something that requires action.
    Please make every effort to ensure adequate transition planning, which includes getting any necessary information from employees who are going out on any extended leave. In the unlikely event you determine access to an employee’s email is needed, you must follow the procedure for accessing employee electronic communications records outlined here:  
    Pleaser refrain from engaging employees on leave without pay in work-related activities no matter how simple or quick the request may seem. It is important that the university respect the terms of the employee’s leave without pay. Should you discover that an employee is engaging in work on behalf of the university, please remind the employee that they are not expected to perform work at this time and contact me as soon as possible so we can discuss how best to proceed.
  • Email and system access
    Employees will continue to have access to their UO email account. However, in accordance with policy and protocol, access to systems such as Banner will be suspended.
  • Building access
    Electronic Access to buildings may be suspended during this time in accordance with policy and protocol. Keys may be collected from employees who are currently on campus. However, employees who are not currently on campus are not expected to return or deliver their keys at this time.  Your unit HR representative can share more about what you should expect regarding access to the buildings within your unit. Employees have been asked to contact their supervisor or unit representative should they need access to a UO building or facility while on leave without pay.
  • Return to work
    Our sincere hope is that we are able to bring staff back to work very soon. When the time comes, employees will receive an email from their unit to their University of Oregon email account with the title “Returning to Work.” When they receive that email, they have been asked to respond as quickly as possible so you can discuss a return date for them to resume work.
    Employees have been asked to keep their contact information current by notifying you:
    • if they would like to be contacted at an email address that is different from their UO account.
    • If they prefer to be contacted by phone.

For address or phone number changes, employees should submit updates via DuckWeb and
If we are unable to return employees to their positions, we will be notifying them in early August that their position has been laid off.

  • Resources
    Please refer employees to the resources on the HR website at for information about the UO extended benefits program, which addresses benefits continuation and unemployment and includes answers to frequently asked questions. Your unit or department HR representative is also available to answer questions, and you or your employees can always connect with Human Resources by emailing or calling 541-346-3159.

If you have questions regarding your role and supervisory responsibilities while employees are on leave without pay, please contact the HR representative for your unit.