COVID-19: Recruitment Guidance

Hiring Freeze Implemented March 2020 Has Ended

Effective June 25, University leadership has ended the hiring freeze. It is important to note that the institution is still facing significant budget challenges and uncertainty. For these reasons, we are still asking units to think critically about the essential nature and timing of recruitments. As you and the units you support consider recruiting, remember the following:

  • Vice presidents and deans may continue internal review and approval processes they put in place to evaluate requests during the hiring freeze, or establish new internal approval processes.
    • If you haven’t already heard from your VP or dean’s office about whether there will be new internal approval procedures for their portfolio, or if they will return to pre-pandemic internal approval procedures, please reach out to your Chief of Staff or dean’s office to confirm.
    • Note: this refers to unit-based review and approvals that occur outside of the MyTrack approval workflow. All requisitions will continue to require VP or dean approval prior to posting.
  • Hiring must continue to occur within existing budgets; leadership approvals of recruitments within MyTrack serve as confirmation that the costs of positions can be covered with existing budget.
  • The lifting of the freeze does not modify any other institution-level, special approval requirements in place prior to the freeze, for example, the special approval for communications or IT positions.
  • At this time, the freeze on other pay actions (for example, expansions of duties or reclassifications, retentions, stipends and overloads) remains in effect. Requests for exceptions should be submitted using the process outlined here for review by the HR Classification and Compensation team.

We are also asking your assistance with the following as recruitment returns to normal practices over the summer:

  • Please only submit PD updates that are intended for an immediate recruitment or pay action at this time—this will help the Talent and Classification and Compensation teams prioritize and complete PD approvals as quickly as possible.
    • If you need to submit PD updates for any other reason (such as routine or cosmetic updates like department name changes or updates related to performance reviews), please contact your assigned Recruitment Consultant in Talent Acquisition before submitting edits in MyTrack. Our team can help create a submission plan and timeline for changes that will not impact HR approvals for PDs intended for recruitment or other priority position/pay actions.
  • Consider whether edits to PDs are necessary prior to recruitment. If necessary, many PD edits can be made without initiating a full HR PD review, with the assistance of your assigned Recruitment Consultant. Please reach out to discuss prior to restarting approval for minor or cosmetic edits.

Search Committees

To the extent that search committees will continue to engage in remote interviewing, we have published guidance that covers remote interviewing. Please see this guidance in the menu bar on the right.

Recruitment Travel and Campus Visits

Visitors to campus for the purpose of employee recruitment are permitted. All recruitment travel and campus visits must follow current campus requirements.


If you have questions about recruitment practices, please email the Talent Acquisition Team at or contact your recruitment consultant.