#ForwardTogether - Employee Support

Human Resources provides the following resources as we move #ForwardTogether.

Wondering where to start?

HR suggests the following resources as a starting place. Then, explore the additional learning opportunities and reference materials as you can. 

Navigating the Emotional Landscape at Work

Our workplaces are not the same as they were prior to the pandemic. Tune in to this special series to learn how to navigate the emotional landscape of working through a pandemic, as well as develop a vision of a better future for yourself.

Communication Strategies to Build Trust During Uncertain Times Webinar Recording

As we all navigate the constant stress and anxiety of the pandemic, including vaccination status, workplace reintegration, and burnout, it can impact individual working relationships and team morale. This webinar will focus on emotional coping skills as well as communication strategies to improve team cohesion and empathy during these times of distress and uncertainty. Objectives include:

  • Learn effective communication strategies to help mitigate distrust by respecting ourselves and others.
  • Learn coping skills to utilize when feeling emotionally triggered.
  • Learn the different types of boundaries and how to set and maintain them.
  • Learn about further resources (EAP and University).

Take Time for Your Mental Health

Each person will experience their own range of emotions as we move forward together. Take time to understand your emotions, learn techniques to regulate them, and prioritize your mental health every day.

Ask for help.

Be sure to take care of your health, including mental health, as your work environment begins to change or as you plan to return to the workplace. This is a stressful time and transitioning back to the workplace can add extra stress.

Benefits-eligible employees can get confidential one-on-one counseling and personalized assistance through Canopy, formerly called Cascade Centers,, the university's employee assistance program (EAP) provider. Your EAP is available to help you process these emotions and refocus. Additionally, your EAP can assist with locating various resources that may be helpful at this time, including childcare and mental health providers.

To connect with a Canopy representative, call 800-433-2320, text 503-850-7721, or email info@cascadecenters.com. Learn more about Canopy and explore additional resources through the member site at cascadecenters.com.

Other community resources include:

Explore additional resources.