COVID-19: Teamsters Leave Options

This summary represents the intersecting policies, collective bargaining agreements and federal and state leave laws that apply to UO employees. Nothing about this information changes or modifies an employee's leave rights. For specific questions, please refer to applicable collective bargaining agreements, procedures, or policies or reach out to the Benefits Office by emailing

The following scenarios help you navigate leave options during the university’s COVID-19 response. In the scenarios related to an employee’s own illness or illness of a dependent/family member, UO Emergency Paid Sick Leave and accrued sick leave must be taken before other types of leave. As the UO Emergency Paid Sick Leave expires on June 30, 2021, we recommend that employees use that leave before accrued sick leave, but employees can use accrued sick leave first, if they so choose.

Off work due to personal illness other than COVID-19.

Off work due to your own:

  • COVID-19 diagnosis; OR
  • medical provider or public health authority recommended quarantine or isolation.

Off work to care for a dependent/family member with a personal illness including a COVID-19 diagnosis.

Off work to care for a child or dependent due to the closure of a school or child care facility based on a COVID-19 response.

Requesting to stay home based on a general concern or personal desire related to COVID-19.