COVID-19: Guide to Employee Engagement

The Incident Management Team (IMT) has organized an Employee Engagement work group to and leverage the great work that has been happening across the university and re-energize commitment to focus on the people who make UO an exceptional institution of higher education.

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While the work group begins its work focused on assessment and long term strategies for engaging employees across the university, Human Resources has assembled a guide for supervisors and employees to use in the near term. The information shared in the guides can be easily incorporated into your day and are intended to reinforce strategies you already use or generate new ideas. These ideas are based on core principles we share as colleagues and as a community:

  • Focus on the people not just the process – Make room for the human element in every project and task.
  • Seek to understand – Find out where people are coming from and learn more about their point of view and perspective before drawing conclusions and passing judgment.
  • Recognize and embrace difference – Remember and remind others that it is our differences that make us stronger; our varied backgrounds and experiences give use more insight and knowledge to leverage.
  • Lean on each other – Reach out to others to get a renewed sense of purpose and to offer others encouragement and support.

In addition to these resources, Human Resources is also working on providing some virtual sessions that supervisors can join in order to share ideas about employee engagement, ask questions, and build connections with each other. Information about those sessions will be shared as it becomes available.

Keeping employees connected to UO.

Without doubt, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused disruption across our campuses, but our resilience and perseverance is evident in some many extraordinary ways. Take pride in our campus community and the awesome work taking place all around, and take time to share the good news with your team. Reflecting on the bright spots can soothe anxiousness and reinforce a sense of pride for being a Duck. Around the O is filled with the stories of successes and good campus news from across the university.

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Additional Resources

The University of Oregon continues to produce guidance and information to assist employees and supervisors during this unusual time. Visit these resources to stay informed and connected: