Hardship Leave Procedure

Employee wishing to receive donated leave

Employee wishing to donate vacation hours

  • Complete the Authorization for Transfer of Leave form with signature and date.
  • Submit the completed authorization form to your departmental payroll facilitator who will forward it to Human Resources.

Eligibility and leave adjustment

Human Resources determines eligibility to participate and calculates the value and amount of the transfer. Human Resources notifies the union that an authorized application is waiting for donations. Human Resources then inputs the appropriate leave adjustment.

When an employee is placed on leave without pay the hardship leave that has been donated is paid out with a manual check request form in amounts equal to the employee's normal schedule and/or the standard work hours in the month.

For example, Melinda is a full-time classified employee paid on a salary basis, or employee class, CA. She has exhausted her leave balances and is placed on leave without pay for March. Meanwhile, leave donations are made which total 194 hours.

For March pay, a manual check request (MCR) is completed by using earn code: LTS, 173.33 hours. This will result in a full paycheck, but to account for the entire 184 hour absence, a leave adjustment must also be made which will further reduce the sick leave by 10.67 hours. Hardship leave is not paid in 80 hour increments when the employee would otherwise work full-time.

If you have questions, please contact the Medical Leaves Coordinator in Human Resources at (541) 346-2950 or HRLeaves@uoregon.edu. Forms are available online or from Human Resources at (541) 346-3159.