Appropriate Use of Banner Information System

January 2005


TO: University Faculty and Staff
FROM: Linda King, Director of Human Resources

One of the foundations of the UO's Banner information system is the security and confidential use of information and data. Currently, employees authorized to access Banner and DuckWeb sign agreements regarding appropriate use and confidentiality of the information system. Violations of this agreement include:

  • sharing usernames and passwords
  • changing information in the system without proper authorization
  • revealing the content of records outside of work assignments

Most violations occur with no dishonest intent, but happen because individuals are unaware that a particular action is problematic or believe that expediency justifies the action. However, violations committed with even the most innocent intentions can have serious ramifications for Banner system security or database integrity and negatively affect the overall university information system.

I want to remind you that university staff monitors violations. Employees violating the agreement could lose their access to the Banner system, an action that may adversely affect department operations and the ability of the staff member to perform his or her job responsibilities.

Please help us in maintaining the security and confidentiality of the university's information systems. Thank you.