Drugs & Alcohol Memo

February 21, 2012


TO:                 University Faculty and Staff

FROM:           Linda L. King, Associate Vice President for Human Resources

SUBJECT:      Drug-free Workplace Information

This material is being distributed in compliance with federal law (Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988 and Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act Amendments of 1989) and university policy.  It contains important information about drugs and alcohol and the workplace.  Contents include:

  *        The University policy on drugs and alcohol in the workplace, including sanctions for violations;

  *        Local, state and federal law applying to the possession or distribution of illicit drugs and alcohol;

  *        Health risks associated with the use of illicit drugs, nicotine, and the abuse of alcohol;

  *        Description of the UO's Employee Assistance Program and community programs available to assist individuals needing help with drug and alcohol problems.

The material can be found under “General Information” at:  http://hr.uoregon.edu/policy

For up-to-date information on legal sanctions regarding drugs and alcohol, please consult the Office of the Dean of Students website:  http://uodos.uoregon.edu/