Path to Fall - Checklist for Employees

Returning to the workplace, post-pandemic, offers the opportunity to (re) establish healthy work routines and relationships. Along with workplace considerations, there are also personal commitments which may have been put on pause during the pandemic, and are in need of attention.

The following checklist contains items for consideration while planning for a post-pandemic lifestyle:


  • Review organization safety policies and guidelines
  • Catch-up with colleagues, and get to know new-hire employees
  • Have your personal workspace wellness plan in place; review organization wellness resources
  • Plan and coordinate time-off hours and vacation days
  • Update work wardrobe; donate unused items


  • Vehicle maintenance; oil change, seasonal preparation, emergency kit upgrade
  • Review mass transit options; purchase transit or parking passes
  • Review other sustainable commuter options; carpool, cycle, etc.
  • Download favorite podcast, music, mindfulness programs to listening platform


  • Schedule childcare and after school care services (Cascade can provide assistance)
  • Schedule adult care; in-home companionship, in-home services; adult care facility research (Cascade can provide assistance)
  • Review family safety and disaster plan
  • Schedule time together; dinners, weekend outings, formal vacations
  • Schedule pet care; mandatory vaccines, sitter, walker, trainer, companion care


  • Review nutritional/healthy eating practices
  • Review exercise/movement goals; schedule calendar, accountability partner, fitness and/or health coach
  • Discuss behavioral health and how it may be affecting family members; anxiety depression, self-harm (Cascade provides counseling services)
  • Sleep considerations; review sleep hygiene practice, begin formal/medical sleep study


  • Plan and schedule face-time with friends
  • Schedule massage, or other relaxing treatment - alone or with friends
  • Spend time outdoors; sport, hobby, activity
  • Try a new hobby; discover a new book, start a new craft, learn a new language
  • Look into new self-care stress relief practices; music, mindfulness, meditation

Although our commitments may vary, we hope this checklist proves beneficial for life planning. Remember to practice self-care, take breaks, connect with loved ones, stay informed, but avoid overwhelming yourself with too many tasks at one time. If you are feeling physically or emotionally overwhelmed, seek help from a health professional.