Holidays, Vacation, Sick, Jury and Other Leaves

Holidays: OAs receive the following holidays:

  • Independence Day, July 4
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Friday after Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Day
  • New Year's Day
  • Martin Luther King, Jr., Birthday
  • Memorial Day

When a holiday falls on a Saturday, the holiday is observed the preceding Friday; when it falls on a Sunday, it is observed on the following Monday. During the December holidays, the Governor historically has granted unclassified employees an extra holiday (called the "Governor's Day" or "special day of leave") to be taken the working day before or after Christmas or the working day before or after New Year's Day. Holiday time is prorated for part-time OAs with an FTE of .5 or greater. The Human Resources website furnishes a schedule of holidays and dates of observance for the upcoming year:

Sick Leave: Full time OAs accrue eight hours of sick leave for each full month worked, prorated for part-time OAs with an FTE of .5 or greater. There is no limit on the amount of sick leave that may be accrued.

OAs may use accrued sick leave for absences due to illness, injury, pregnancy and delivery, medical or dental care, and exposure to contagious disease. In addition, sick leave may be used to attend to members of the OA's immediate family (parents, spouse or partner, children, brother, sister, grandmother, grandfather, son-in-law, daughter-in-law or another member of the immediate household) where the employee's presence is required because of illness or death in the immediate family of the OA or of the OA's spouse or partner.

A supervisor may require a physician's certificate to support the sick leave claim for absences in excess of 15 calendar days or for recurring sick leave use. A physician's certificate may also be required before allowing return to work to verify that the return will not be detrimental to the OA or others in the workplace.

The appropriate vice president may grant sick leave without pay for up to one year when the OA has used all accrued sick leave with pay. The leave request must be in writing and accompanied by a physician's certificate.

OAs have the opportunity to secure salary continuance for up to 90 calendar days of absence due to illness through a combination of accrued and advanced sick leave. An OA is entitled to receive a sick-leave-with-pay advance as needed to provide the difference between sick leave earned as of the onset of the illness or injury and 520 hours; part-time staff are eligible to receive a sick-leave-with-pay advance proportional to FTE to provide the difference between sick leave earned as of the onset of the illness or injury and a prorate of 520 hours. As sick leave is earned, the amount shall replace any sick leave advanced until all advanced time is replaced with earned time. No more than a 520-hour sick leave advance is available during a seven-year period that begins with the first sick leave advance. More than one sick leave advance is possible as long as the total advance does not exceed 520 hours during a seven-year period. OAs on fixed term appointment cannot receive an advance that extends beyond the end date of the fixed term appointment except upon written approval of the appropriate vice president.

OAs may use sick leave to supplement workers' compensation benefits. In no case, however, can the combination of workers' compensation and sick leave exceed the OA's salary.

Vacation: OAs with an FTE of .5 or greater and a 12-month appointment are eligible to accrue vacation. Full-time OAs accrue 15 hours for every full month worked, prorated for part-time. Vacation accrues on the last day of the month and is available for use the first day of the next month.

For new OAs, vacation accrues beginning the first of the month following date of hire or on the first of the month if an employee is hired the first working day of the month.

The maximum vacation accrual is 260 hours and any vacation accruals in excess of this cap will be forfeited. Unused vacation can only be paid upon termination of employment or transfer to an unclassified position not eligible for benefits. Upon termination, the maximum amount that can be paid is 180 hours. OAs who transfer to classified positions are subject to the applicable collective bargaining agreement.

Vacation leave is scheduled with the approval of the OA's supervisor.

Jury Duty: Officers of administration shall be granted leave with pay for service with a jury. The OA may retain any fees received for participation in court procedures.

Other Leaves: OAs are eligible for other forms of leave as outlined below.

  • Military leave with pay, not to exceed fifteen calendar days in a calendar year, will be granted upon written application and those serving will not lose any of the rights and benefits to which they are entitled.
  • Parental leave is granted upon request to care for a new baby or child. OAs with sufficient accumulated vacation and sick leave have the option of using these benefits before applying for a leave without pay. A minimum of up to twelve weeks of leave must granted if requested. OAs should consult with the Benefits Administrator in Human Resources for information on Family Medical Leave Act protections.
  • An OA may apply to his/her dean, director, department head or vice president for a leave without pay for either personal or professional reasons.