OA Salary Increases: Administrative Guidelines

The university has established merit pools to provide salary increases for OAs and faculty in fiscal year 2020.

OA salary increases will be paid from a 2.125% merit pool. There is no across-the-board increase in FY20.

The increases for OAs will be determined through a merit process and will be effective January 1, 2020.

Salary Increases

Eligible OAs will be considered for a merit increase. Vice presidents and deans establish the criteria for distributing the merit pool for their respective department or school/college. Allocation of individual increases is informed by performance evaluations and recommendations from supervisors and managers.


The following criteria is to be applied to OA merit increases:

Eligible OAs

  • UO employee in current position on or before July 1, 2019, and
  • Documented meritorious performance.

All OAs who meet eligibility requirements must be considered for merit increase.

Ineligible OAs

  • Employees with term limited appointments (Retirees, interim, temporary assignments, etc.).
  • OAs above the OA salary band maximum. 
  • OAs who started their current position after July 1, 2019. 
  • Coaches on custom contracts.
  • OAs on performance improvement plans.

A unit may submit to Human Resources an exception request, using the Ineligible Exception Form (to be published in October) to include an ineligible OA during the review process in October. The exception request must include a written justification describing why the employee’s meritorious performance warrants exception. Final approval will be given by the vice president for finance and administration only under very extenuating circumstances.

Eligibility Exception Form

Guidelines for Merit Increase Process

  • Performance evaluations must be complete for all OAs.
  • A current performance evaluation must be completed and recorded with HR (within the last 12 months) for all individuals who meet the eligibility criteria above.  Record performance evaluations with HR using the performance evaluation submission form.
  • Each department or school/college establishes criteria for evaluating merit for OAs.
    Written criteria must be forwarded to their vice president or dean by October 31. Only those individuals who meet or exceed expectations will be eligible for merit.
  • Internal salary equity and compression issues may be factored into the amount of a merit increase, but is not an independent basis for a salary increase.
  • The merit pool cannot be supplemented with other department funds.
  • Any individual salary increase that is greater than 10 percent of base salary or results in the employee’s salary being above the salary band max must receive approval from the vice president for finance and administration. In these instances, an increase must be requested by submitting the Salary Increase Exception Form, which will be available when Salary Planner goes live around October 31. Final approval will be given by the vice president for finance and administration only under very extenuating circumstances. 

    Salary Increase Exception Form

  • OAs who have recently received an off-cycle pay increase are still eligible for merit, subject to the allocation guidelines set by their department/unit.

Allocation of Merit Pool

Vice presidents and deans have discretion to allocate the merit pool to departments/units in the most effective way for their unit.

Based on the pool provided to each department/unit, merit increases should be allocated to OAs following the above guidelines.

Review the salary increases FAQ for answers to commonly asked questions:

OA Frequently Asked Questions