OA Policy Development Project

OAs are valued members of our campus community and vital to our ability to deliver exceptional higher education, meet the university’s mission and elevate the reputation of the UO across the globe. Establishing policies that strengthen the employment relationship with OAs is critically important to Human Resources and university leadership.  Efforts are underway to develop and implement a suite of policies specific to OA employment.

OA Policies Approved

The proposed suite of OA employment policies completed Policy Advisory Council (PAC) review and have been approved by the president.  The OA employment policies are effective immediately.

Recognition and Acknowledgment

Human Resources could not have achieved approval of these policies without the active engagement of OAs across campus, particulary the leadership of the OA Policy Advisory Team and the support from OA Council.  HR is pleased to deliver employment policies that meet the uniqueness of OA positions at UO, which was identified as a need by OAs some time ago.  HR is beginning the implementation process to integrate the newly approved policies into practice.

Questions and support should be directed to Employee and Labor Relations. ELR staff assist units and departments with understanding and administering OA policies.

OA Policies and Procedures

Title Reference Cycle Status
Grievance Policy 1A Implementation
Grievance Procedure 1B Implementation
Time Off Policy 2A Implementation
Time Off Procedure 2B Implementation
Performance Management Policy 3A Implementation
Performance Management Procedure 3B Implementation
Corrective Discipline Procedure 3C Implementation
Separations Policy 4A Implementation
Separations Procedure 4B Implementation
OA Employment Policy 5A Implementation
OA Employment Procedure 5B Implementation

Policy Development Cycle

1-Under Development
2-Internal Review
3-Open For Comment
4-Legal Review
5-PAC Review

Additional OA Policy Development Information: