MyTrack User Guide: Selection Outcomes & Applicant Statuses (Core Recruitment Process)

What you do:

Through the applications menu, access your applicants for review to view applicants.

What you see:


View Applicants

From the view applicants screen you can access the applicant card to review applicants.  Once you have determined a selection outcome, use the dropdown menu to select the next step for the applicant.


Select Outcomes

You can select all applicable selection outcomes and then in the yellow information bar, click submit to move your applicants.


Upon move, applicants will advance to the next status and any automatic communications will be sent (see below).

When an applicant advances, a new set of selection outcomes become available.

Applicants who have been selected not to move forward can no longer be advanced through selection outcomes.  A reason for not advancing is required.

Communication - Statuses That Send an Email

  • New
  • Not Considered, Did not Progress
  • Reviewed, Did not Progress
  • Reference Check
  • Contingent Offer Accepted

Search Committee - Statuses that Allow Search Committee Access

  • Qualifications Review
  • Interview (Phone)
  • Interview (Skype/Video)
  • Interview (In Person)
  • Interview (Additional, As Needed)