Change in minimum enrollment requirement for graduate students to work as student employees

III. Eligibility

A. Student Status

To establish student status, an individual must be enrolled in an accredited educational institution, either secondary school or college. Course work offered through Continuing Education and Community Education is acceptable if they are shown to be part of a student's planned and continuing course of study. Enrollment in a private vocational or business school does not satisfy eligibility requirements. When employing non-OUS (Oregon University System) students, attach proof of enrollment at hiring paperwork.

College and university student employees must be enrolled for a minimum of eight undergraduate quarter hours or at least five graduate quarter hours. Formally admitted graduate students who have completed course work requirements and are working on their theses may be employed as students. Enrollment in three credit hours is required to maintain status as a graduate student. Exceptions to the minimum credit hour enrollment may be made under special circumstances. Requests must be made in writing to the Employment Manager in Human Resources.

It is the employing department's responsibility to verify eligibility of student employees each term by checking the Banner Student Information System or comparable documents for non-OUS students. The status of students enrolled in secondary schools may be verified by a phone call to the school administrative office.

Students may take one term off from school each year and maintain eligibility for student employment. Summer term is considered a term. (Policy update 7/11/13).