MyTrack: Learning FAQ

How do I remove an activity from my Development Plan?

You can remove activities by accessing your Development Plan in About Me from the top menu, expanding the activity by clicking on the title, and selecting “remove” from the options at the bottom of the listing.  If the course is administrator managed, you will have to contact and request to have your registration removed. 

I tried to select a timeslot and the only option was ‘request approval’.  What is this?  Where does it go?

Some courses require an approval process.  By clicking ‘request approval,’ your request to register will be sent to the course administrator or your manager, depending on the approval process, and you will receive a response by email.  If your request is approved, you will be registered, and you will not need to take further action. 

How do I register for an activity that is administrator managed?

You will need to contact the course administrator listed in the course description to inquire about course availability.

Can I enroll in multiple sessions of the same activity? 

No, the system only supports selecting one timeslot option at a time.  If you’d like to attend the activity again, you will need to wait until after you have attended to re-enroll.

Can I sign up for multiple waitlists?  Or can I sign up for a waitlist for an earlier session and enroll in a later session?

No, the system only supports one timeslot selection at a time, including waitlists.  You will need to choose your enrollment preference and enroll for only one timeslot.

Still have a question?

Email and an HR representative will assist you.