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MyTrack Access:

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Authentication is required. Users must provide their duck id and password to access their account.
Once successfully logged in, employees will have access to the MyTrack employee portal and be able to search and register for activities through the learning library.

Welcome to MyTrack Learning

The MyTrack learning module enables employees and supervisors to collaborate by searching and registering for learning activities, creating customized development plans, and tracking progress towards development goals.

Learning Module Features

The MyTrack dashboard provides employees with access to the following features:

  • Access the Learning Library from the My community drop down menu in the menu bar to explore and register for available learning activities.
  • Once enrolled, learning activities appear in the employee's development plan, which is accessible in My Development plan.
  • Create and maintain a professional profile in My Profile.
  • Supervisors can view profiles of the employees they supervise using the My Team menu item on the menu bar.

Use the MyTrack learning tutorial to take a virtual tour of the system and learn about key features.

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Tips & Instructions

  • You can search the learning library by competencies.
    Learning activites in the Learning library are tagged with defined competencies to allow employees and supervisors to search for learning opportunities that develop specific skills, such as communication, customer service, or leadership and supervison. Here's how to search activities by competency:
    1. Log into MyTrack, select "My community" from the main menu, and then select "Learning library" from the drop down menu.
    2. On the Learning library page, click on "Competencies" from the menu bar to view the list of available competencies.
    3. Click on a competency to view all learning activities related to that competency.
    4. To learn more or register about an activity listed, click on the title of the activity.
    5. To begin a new search, unclick the competency previously selected from the competencies menu.
  • You can add your own learning activities to your development plan.
    Employees can add conferences, workshops, webinars or any other completed learning activity to their development plan. This allows an employee to track learning activities beyond those registered and completed in MyTrack. Here's how to add an activity:
    1. Log into MyTrack, select "My community" from the main menu, and then select "Learning library" from the drop down menu.
    2. Click on the orange circle with the plus symbol (+), which is located next to the search box.
    3. Select "Private" when asked "What type of activity would you like to add?"
    4. Enter the information about the activity on the form provided.
    5. Select "Add to plan" at the bottom of the page by choosing the status of the activity from the options provided.
    6. Add the intended or actual completion date. and select "Book" or "Confirm." The activity is now listed on your development plan.
      Private learning activities are viewable by you and your supervisor.


Need Help

The following resources are available to assist employees and superviosrs with using the MyTrack learning module:

If you need additional assistance, email The Human Resources Service Center can also be reached at 541-346-3159 for additional support. 

Transition to New System

The learning module in MyTrack replaces the university's previous system, Making Tracks. Here is important information for employees to know about the transition:

  • All courses previously listed in Making Tracks were transferred to MyTrack.
  • Course registrations submitted in Making Tracks were transferred to MyTrack when the system went live.
    • This means those previously registered for a course scheduled for a future date remain registered.
    • They do not need to submit a new registration in the MyTrack system.
  • Transferring records for each employee from Making Tracks to MyTrack was part of the implementation plan. However, all records may not transfer.
    • Employees should review their historical record in MyTrack. To access a list of completed activities, view My development plan from the About me drop down menu in the main menu bar.
    • If the record is incomplete, employees can download their user registration report from Making Tracks to obtain a record of their course history.