Increase in hours worked for student employees

V. Payroll Guidelines

A.    Maximum Hours of Work

Student employees are students first and foremost and, in recognition of this, are limited to working 25 hours per week. Because of the visa requirements for international students, these students may not work more than 20 hours per week. This limit includes all university student employment positions held simultaneously.  It is suggested that supervisors of students working a high number of hours (18 to 25) confirm each term that their student workers remain in good academic standing.  

During term breaks and one term each year, students on leave from school may be employed full-time. Summer term is considered a term for this purpose.

Students may have Graduate Employee (GE) appointments and also work as student employees. These students are limited to .49 FTE employment counting both GE and student employment hours, and may lose their GE appointments if they exceed this limit.

University Housing Live-in Student Staff (i.e., Residence Assistants, Language Assistants, etc.) are a special category of student employment. These students receive room and board, a small monthly payroll stipend, and are available to provide assistance to students living in the residence halls. These employees do not work traditional hours and it is expected that they spend a maximum average of twenty (20) hours per week carrying out their duties. Resident Assistants are permitted to serve in the Resident Assistant role while simultaneously employed by other on or off-campus jobs with advance approval from University Housing as outlined in the Role Agreement. 

For more information regarding student employment, see the HR website